This week, we ran a total of 341 miles! Congrats to our top runners: 

Laura Martel - 46

Mark Niebur - 31

Devon Unkeless - 24

Elizabeth Floyd - 20

Tina Thornhill & Emily Danforth - 18

This week, we biked a total of 354 miles! Congrats to our top bikers:

Elizabeth Floyd - 78

Ann Kough - 65

Liz Shepard - 35

Andy Malinowski - 31

Ben Danforth - 29

This week, we swam a total of 20miles! Congrats to our top swimmers:

Derick Smith - 5

Devon Unkeless - 4

Liliana Morales - 3

Melissa Nolte & Mark Niebur- 2

another great week!

As I’ve come to expect, you guys have been inspiring and motivating, even during a week when I wanted nothing more than to curl up and sleep! We put up great miles this week, and even had some representation at races around town this weekend!

If you’ve got pictures of team members running, biking, or swimming, send them along for next week’s wrap up!!