Welcome to the ____ spring sports season!  Some of you know what you do in track and some of you don’t, and that’s O.K. I, and the coaches, will gladly help you figure out your events.  Don’t worry about it. For practice purposes, always bring warm clothes.  If we can go outside we will.

Athletes can be entered in up to 4 events at a track meet.  That doesn’t mean you will be, but for some, it does.  Keep this in mind, if we have a large enough team, several of you may only have a couple events, or maybe just one. Sometimes I might put you in an event that you don’t want to be in because I think you could do well in it, but I will try not to put you in an event that will take away from your focus events.  If you are only in 1 or 2 events I might ask you to fill in for someone in a relay if they are unable to run.  I also expect you to support the rest of your team and not just lay around when you are not competing.  

Pay attention to your coaches.  When we speak we expect you to listen. For some, I know you are out for the social aspects of track and field you get out of school, you get to catch some sun. you get to hang out with the kids from other schools, etc.   I can live with that as long as you give 100% in practice and meets, don’t become a distraction, and support the program at all times.  If you don’t want to give a 100%, work hard in every event, don’t go out.  We have high expectations of you.  Cyclone track and field is a pretty young program it is only been around a few years so are school records are broke often, so with hard work you could get your name on a record board.  

My Coaching Philosophy and Goals

My Philosophy as a track coach is pretty simple.  I know I will get more out of you if you are enjoying what you are doing.  At the same time that does not mean you can do whatever you want at track meets!  Sometimes the best event for you might not be your favorite.  For that reason I won’t necessarily enter you in them each and every meet, but if I do, I expect you to put forth your best effort because I think it might be an event that you could excel in.  Conference and Districts are different, in these you compete in what I inter you in.  I spend a lot of time watching and recording track results from other schools to see what their kid’s marks and times are so I know where you could do your best.  Do not ask to “walk off”. Understand this now; don’t even ask unless you are really hurt.  

Personally, I have high goals set for you and the team, win as many event and meets as possible, especially Districts, and Conference!!  All other meets no matter what you are in or, the WEATHER, are glorified practices, you need to give it your all.  Competition creates excellence.  You may work hard every day in practice but meets are where you get better.  WORK HARD AND YOU WILL SEE REWARDS.

The Coaches:

Coach Shabram will specialize in the throws and he will run the weight room (we do a lot with weights), and help me in other areas that I can’t get to during the day.

I (Coach Schumacher) have been coaching track for over 14 years in one aspect or another and a competitor throughout high school and college. I will have a hand in everything, and will work hard to teach you some of the things that I learned during my involvement in this great sport.  

Information Regarding Practices:

Track Meet Expectations:

Lettering Requirements:  

Rules and Regulations: