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                                                                                                             June 7, 2017

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School Council BBQ

Basket Raffle

Track and Field Day

PD Day

Parking/Drop off

Chinese Delegation

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June 7

Mazzola Lunch Day

June 8

Junior Track and Field Day

School Council BBQ

June 9

PD Day

June 13

Scientists in the School - Grade 2

June 14

Pizza Lunch Day

Scientists in the School - Grade 2

June 16

Raffle Baskets Draw

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Sent to be the Good News, the hope that we proclaim.

Sent to be the Good News, serve others in God’s name.

We will shout it from the rooftops, with faith we will arise.

We will speak the Word and witness with our lives.

Sent to be the Good News, we’re sent to be the Good News.

School Council BBQ

Our School Council will be hosting the annual BBQ on Thursday, June 8th, from 4:30-6:30pm. This is a great opportunity to come together as a community, enjoy some tasty food and explore Circus Delights inflatable attractions. The council is looking for volunteers to help out at the BBQ. You can sign up to volunteer at:

Basket Raffle

The St. Stephen Catholic School Council is very pleased to announce their annual fundraiser is now underway. Your children have brought home a booklet of raffle tickets to be sold. Anyone buying a ticket has a chance to win one of many beautiful theme baskets. Tickets are $2.00 each, or three tickets for $5.00. The tickets will be sold until Friday, June 16th, when the draw will be held. This year, the draw will not be held at the BBQ, we apologize for any confusion about the date of the draw. A reminder to all parents that this is strictly voluntary and children are asked not to go door to door to sell tickets. Tickets can be sold to family members, close friends or, if parents wish, co-workers. Should your child run out of tickets, please send in a note in your child’s agenda and more tickets will be provided. Once tickets are sold, please place the tickets and the money in an envelope or ziplock bag and have your child return it to your child’s teacher. Proceeds raised through this fundraiser will going to support our School Council initiatives and programs. Many items have been brought into the classes already and the baskets will be on display at the front entrance of the school next week.

Track and Field Day

The Junior students (Grades 4-6) will be participating in our Track and Field Day on Thursday, June 8th. The Junior students will be participating in a variety of running and field events and are reminded to wear proper footwear and clothing for participation in these events. The students should also bring water bottles to ensure they are hydrated throughout the day.

PD Day

A reminder that Friday, June 9th is a PD Day. The teachers will be engaging in professional development through planning and collaboration and there will be no classes that day. The school will be open only for those in the childcare program.

Parking/Drop Off

A reminder to parents to make sure they are not parking at the Jackson Trails Condominiums, located beside the school, when they are dropping off or picking up students. The road at the complex is a fire route, so parents parking on that road risk getting tickets or getting towed.
Chinese Delegation

A special thanks to our staff and students for being such great hosts for a group of Chinese educators who visited our school on Monday, June 5th. The group was touring our school to learn more about the innovative ways our staff teaches the students the Ontario curriculum and to witness the amazing collaboration and communication skills of our students.

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