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COMPANY PURPOSE | (treat consumers according to this purpose)

The objective of this organization is not sales rather consumers find most sustainable solution for their needs ; if you have the time feel free to make yourself aware of market options for our product categories : feel free to refer consumers to your best researched solutions rather than only our solutions ; but please be sure to have thoroughly researched service provider principles and practices for compatibility if it’s not something offered by our portfolio.

Customer Care

You may suggest any and all other service providers if you have solemn experience of superior service on any level ; please, be blunt, open and upfront. Don’t worry about sales : do your best to honestly help the person you are serving (but don’t promise anything you aren’t aware of all the implications in delivering).

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Hardware / Equipment Return / Mailing Location

Refund Policy : All we really want to know is “why” (optional)

(so we can make adjustments to the offerings and/or resolution processes to make this not-be/less an issue in the future). But there should never be any force nor requirement for a member to provide justification as there was no commitment to stay in the first place!

If any hardware was purchased, it may be purchased back by UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse at the purchase price (we don’t publicly advertise [because we don’t want too many people taking advantage of this generosity] but we don’t mind absorbing any losses from this area as hardware is recycled / rented.

Commonly Asked Questions

Reply : Yes, May I please get your address?

How to Check Service Availability at Address

  1. Respond to inquiry with : May I have your address please?
  2. Enter Address into 

    If address does not work in that tool, please try in :

            Then copy the address* to the UNMETERED.Report manual address input form
                    * Unit, Building#, Street Direction, Street Name, City and Province
  3. Provide member with URL

If you leave a note "Hold for Pickup" in the comments section of the checkout one of our order processors will contact you at time of label creation and offer the closest available pickup location where you may pick up your package(s) with government issued identification.

Please refer to our 'Shipping Policy' page for a shipping estimate map. Generally speaking: the east coast of Canada & USA is 4-6 business days and the west being roughly 1-4 on average. You will always receive tracking if an order is declared shipped, if you haven't received tracking please check out our 'Order Information Tool'. Please enter the displayed tracking number on the respective courier website.

You will be provided a return address in the RMA ticket but we always try and have your return go back to our closest distribution centre: or at the very least not crossing any borders. We have distribution centres in Burnaby, BC, Canada and Philadelphia, PA, USA with more coming soon!

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