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Why are you interested in becoming a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer? *

I began using Gmail in 2003 when I created a new email account to enter college. During the last 10 years I have evolved from simply using Gmail to a dedicated Google Apps user. Both personally and professionally, Google Apps have saved me time and made my life easier. I love sharing my Google passion with others.

While I was working in Richland School District Two (Columbia, SC) we adopted Google Apps for Education. I was selected to be in phase 1 of the 1:1 Chromebook rollout and also received a grant for a class set of iPod touches and 5 iPads. That is when I became a true Google enthusiast. Google Apps, Chromebooks and mobile technology transformed my classroom into a collaborative, student-centered working space. Whatever we were learning or doing (whether I was absent, we had assemblies (Invisible Children), students were reviewing material, we were tweeting with students in France, etc), Google Apps helped my classroom run smoother and become a connected, collaborative place.

Now that I no longer work in a GAFE schools, I am even more passionate about helping our teachers understand the benefits of Google Apps and educational technology. I am eager to continue learning about the possibilities with GAFE and to share my experiences and knowledge with others.

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my blog

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Please list any speaking events, published articles, self-produced training materials, influential blogs, and/or any other evidence showing strong experience teaching and evangelizing the use of technology in the classroom.

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How often are you involved with Google Apps Training? *

I formally conduct Google Apps workshops at least twice a year. Informally, I work individually and in small groups with teachers on a weekly basis as part of my job as Technology Integration Coach. As for my own professional development, I am constantly seeking out opportunities to learn more about GAFE and how educators around the world are using Google Apps in their classrooms and schools.

How do you stay up to date with the latest technology? *

I spend a large percentage of my time keeping up with the latest in education technology. Since marrying my husband and deciding to become a teacher 5 years ago, many of our discussions have been geared towards education and technology integration. Now that we are both working as Technology Integration Coaches, we often find it difficult to leave those discussions at school.

During the past 3 years I have worked hard to grow and cultivate my PLN. I always have a Chrome tab open for my Twitter feed while I am at work and routinely find inspiration from the educators I follow. Although following and reading blogs isn’t as easy as it once was (miss you Google Reader), I still find ways to keep up with my favorite bloggers. The informal professional development that can be found on Twitter, Google + and blogs is priceless.

Attending and presenting at conferences helps to keep me excited about what is happening in the education world. GAFE Summits and the NESA Spring Educators Conference are two of my favorite conferences to attend. The quality of learning is outstanding.

This year I have started more formal programs for my own professional development. In February I started the Certificate of Education Technology and Information Literacy with Jeff Utecht. I am currently in the fourth of five classes and will be finishing the certificate in the spring with a final project of redefining a unit through technology integration. In August I started my Masters in Education through the University of Kentucky. After attending a workshop at NESA with Scott McLeod and Jayson Richardson, I knew the School Technology Leadership program was a perfect fit for me. With 12 graduate credits this semester, it has been the most challenging yet rewarding learning experience of my professional career.