Hello Geosciences Students -this is finals week, with Commencement on Friday! Should you have any questions about the information below, please feel welcome to reply back to this email, or alternatively, reach out to the contact person listed in that section.

CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!  The Department of Geosciences is proud to announce its largest graduating class in many years:

Trent Anderson (Applied Environmental Geoscience)

Tabitha Berghout Hathcock (Geology)

Kristina Bishop (Applied Environmental Geoscience)

Brock Butler (Applied Environmental Geosciences)

Cassie Grether (Earth Science Teaching)

Julianne Lemmon (Geology)

Brailee Saunders (Earth Science Teaching)

Stan Wilkinson (Geology)

Justin Williamson (Applied Environmental Geoscience)

Sara Yearsley (Earth Science Teaching)

Our graduates' degree will be conferred during the University's 141st Commencement activities on Friday, April 26 at 8 am in the Dee Events Center. Following which, our graduates will receive their diplomas during the College of Science Convocation in the Shepherd Union at 10:30 am.

Please join us in congratulating your friends and fellow students.

Graduation Party:  Our GEO graduates are hosting a graduation party  and all GEO majors are invited.  It will be from 4:00-6:00 on 4/26, located at 880 28th Street in Ogden. Please see the attached invitation for further details.

Welcome to Our Newest Majors: Welcome to Misti Haslam, Earth Science Teaching major, and Trae Boman, Applied Environmental major!

Choosing Date for Trilobite Dig:    Two possible dates for the upcoming trilobit dig have been posted on the board in the major's room. Anyone  interested in going, should please sign up under the date(s) that you can participate in.  The sign will be taken down on Thursday evening and  the date scheduled on Friday, so please be sure to sign up this week.

1st Snow College Natural Resources Summer Camp in July: This summer camp includes three college credits and will be a 2 week camp full of fun, educational activities. We will teach students how to be scientists, follow proper protocols, and explore and enjoy our beautiful resources around us. Anybody looking to increase their knowledge about some of our essential resources (including water, soil, air, and vegetation) in a field-based learning environment is welcome to come. Please note, there is only room for 20 applicants.  You can learn more and find contact information on the attached flyer.

Milford Renewable Energy Fair: The Southwest Utah Renewable Energy Center (SUTREC) will host The Milford Renewable Energy Fair on May 1st.  Please see the attached flyer, “SUTREC” for more information.

Photo of The Week:

Graduating seniors Tabitha Berghout Hathcock, Amanda Gentry, and Julianne Lemmon presenting their posters at the recent WSU Undergraduate Research Symposium and Celebration.

We hope you have an excellent week!

Marianne Bischoff

secretary,   x 7139

Dr. Jeff Eaton

x 6225

Dr. Rick Ford, Chair

x 6942

Dr. Michael Hernandez

x 8186

Dr. Marek Matyjasik

x 7726

Dr. Jim Wilson

x 6208

Dr. Adolph Yonkee

x 7419

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