UMMSM Academic Societies 2014-2015

Reimbursement Procedures

Thank you for purchasing supplies/food for your society. In order to be reimbursed in a timely manner, please follow the directions below. The details are very specific per the request of the Student Activities Office and Academic Societies.

  1. On the BERF fill out only the highlighted sections of the form. Do not fill out additional information on the form, it will not be accepted otherwise. Complete the following:
  1. UM Student checkbox
  2. Name
  3. C number
  4. US Mailing Address - address reimbursement check will be mailed to
  1. Under “use this area to explain purpose of trip(s)/expense(s)” only put your Society name, please do not add anything else
  2. Sign and date the form under “payee’s signature”
  3. You must attach the original, itemized receipt. Make a photocopy for your own records. The receipt must be itemized and cannot have items purchased for personal use (you cannot request less money back than shown on your receipt).
  1. For example, if you purchased food at Publix for an event do not include shampoo for you on that same receipt.
  1. Your reimbursement packet must also include the following:
  1. Society sign-in sheet for the event with signatures (including cover sheet)
  2. Email announcement (including who the email was sent to) or flier announcing the event
  1. Make a copy of the Society sign-in sheet (including cover sheet) and turn into AS Exec Events mailbox to receive Spirit Stick points for the event
  2. Place the completed reimbursement packet in the AS Exec Director mailbox for processing. The completed packet will include the following:
  1. Properly completed BERF
  2. Itemized receipt
  3. Society sign-in sheet (including cover sheet)
  4. Email announcement/event flier
  1. Corey Hiti ( and Mikhaylo Szczupak ( will submit completed reimbursements to the Office of Student Activities every Friday. Please contact us if you have any concerns.