Teaching the Elementary Grades with Technology - Chicago

June 20-21, 2013


Samantha Morra: sam@edtechteacher.org, @sammorra, Thoughts on Education

Hether Hoffmann: artcanoe@gmail.com, www.artcanoe.blogspot.com, www.artcanoe.tumblr.com , @HetherHoffmann


Day 1


Personal introductions

Respond to this survey


The 21st Century Classroom & C-R-C-D

Why/What are 21st century skills?


How do they apply to the elementary classroom?

Why Technology?

Technology is....

The CRCD Framework from Leonardo's Laptop by Ben Schneiderman

Technology tips & tricks

Phase 1 - Collect

This Google Presentation contains details about all of these topics.

What is the web and how do we use it?



Collaborative Bookmarking


Phase 2 - Relate

Blogging and Educational Blogging

Blogging Challenges

Beginner Challenges:

  1. Pick a platform - KidBlog, WordPress, or Blogger
  2. Create an account.
  3. Follow the on-screen directions to login and explore your new blogging platform
  4. Create a Welcome to My Blog post. Add a few sentences welcoming readers to your blog.
  1. Use bold, italics, and colored text at various points in your sentences.
  2. Publish your post and view your blog.
  1. Write a new post. Give it a title such as Recommended Resources.
  1. Create a numbered list and type up three (3) resources that you have discovered today.
  2. Make the names of the resources into hyperlinks. Have them open in a NEW window.
  3. Publish your post and view your blog.
  1. Go back to your Welcome to My Blog post and edit it. Add a picture either from the web or your computer. Publish and view it again.
  2. Edit your Recommended Resources post and add a link to the blog of a teacher near you.
  3. Leave a comment on your own blog as well as that of a person near you.

Advanced Challenges:

  1. Create a new post for your blog. Write a few sentences and embed a video.
  2. Explore your Settings
  1. Set your time zone
  2. Choose a different Theme (if you want to)
  3. Explore the Post & Comment settings for privacy control
  1. Explore options for adding students or other class blogs to your account. NOTE - each blogging platform with have different options.

Day 2

Build your Personal Learning Community

Digital Citizenship - Copyright & Creative Commons

Public vs. Private, Parents, and Acceptable Use

Google Docs for Creating the Collaborative Classroom

Google, Searching and More





Google Docs Challenges

Great tools




Phase 3 - Create

Phase 4 - Donate

Sharing with Students, Parents, & the Community

Create- Digital Storytelling

I want my students to....

Formative Assessment

Assessment & Rubrics

End of Workshop Survey & News

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Save the Date!

November 13-15, 2013: Leading Change in Changing Times: EdTechTeacher iPad Summit USA

Grad Credit


You are welcome to use all presentation materials and agendas for your own in-house professional development. Please attribute credit to EdTechTeacher.