Water For School Fundraising Project

Give kids a chance for education and drinkable water.


We believe that every kid in the world has the right to primary education and safe drinking water.


Many kids in Rwanda are unable to go to school because they are walking hours to fetch water for their families.

Globally 1 in 9 people do not have access to safe drinking water[1]. Approximately 30,000 people die every week from diarrhoeal disease attributed to an unsafe water supply and 90% of deaths are kids under 5[2].

In Africa, despite its stunning beauty and rich natural resources the continent continues to struggle with safe water supplies. In Sub-Saharan Africa people walk 40 billion hours a year just to find safe drinking water[3].

Landscape of Rwanda (CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture)


Like much of Africa, water is scarce in Rwanda. The municipal water system is unable to reach those who living in rural areas, which is 80% of Rwandans. They must seek water from a river, spring, or well that maybe several kilometers away. Walking to the closest water source can take a few hours to the whole day and it is the responsibility of kids. Kids do their share to support the family by fetching water instead of being at school learning.


A rain catchment system at schools.

Pursuit of Water’s partner—Water for Life—developed a rain catchment system that collects water at village primary schools. The collected water is then distributed to students and their families. The local school now becomes the community water well and site for learning.  

It’s a relatively simple model that focuses on local buy-in and long-term community maintenance. Each community receives a 40,000 liter underground rain-harvesting tank. Rainwater is captured from the roof of the school, run through a simple filtration system, and stored in the tank for use throughout the year.

For receiving a harvesting tank, the community builds school latrines and the Water for Life team provides hand-washing stations along with support for basic hygiene education.

In just the first year following the provision of water, sanitation, and hygiene to a school, student absentee days due to illnesses typically drop by between 20-25%[4].

Working together

We believe we can bring change by working together.

Water For Life

Pursuit of Water is partnering with Water For Life—an US-based non-profit—to provide safer water sources for rural villages and their kids in Rwanda.

For over five years now, Water for Life has been identifying sustainable solutions to water problems with rural Rwandans and educating and training them with their knowledge to bring changes to the communities. | waterforlife.org

Local schools

Rwanda’s local schools are dedicated to bringing changes to their community and ready to claim their right to education and safe drinking water. They have decided to bring positive changes to their community and need a little help.

Local schools are eagerly waiting for help. They and their community have raised $1,000 USD to participate in bringing safe drinking water and an education to their community’s kids. It’s not easy for a community with limited resources to raise funds, though they are doing their share by matching yours.

Schools are waiting for your help to bring positive changes to their communities and the lives of their kids.

You can bring change

We humbly invite you to join us to bring changes in Rwanda by adopting one school.

With Water For Life’s technology and passionate dedication and local school’s commitment, we only need 4,000 swiss francs to bring change to one school. Up to 3,000 kids can go to school to fetch water for their families and access an education, instead of walking hours to a well.

Yes, you can help bring change. You, classmates, small group, coworkers, friends, and family members, can help schools and their students claim their right to primary education and drinkable water to kids in Rwanda by raising 4,000 swiss francs.

Kids in a school in Rwanda (Global Partnership for Education).

How to do it?

It is very simple.

  1. Inspire and mobilise your friends, families and co-workers to be engaged with the project by sharing this goal.
  2. Raise 4,000 swiss franc.
  3. Send the fund to the below account.
  4. Mission accomplished. We will update to you about the process.

Where to send money?

Bank :                        UBS AG CH-8098 Zurich, Switzerland

Account number :        228 E0673588.0

Account name :        Jeunesse en Mission International Payments

Swift Code :                UBSWCHZH12T

Note :                        Water For School

Please note in your payment that it is for ‘Water For School’

Pursuit of Water

We are a bridge-builder raising awareness and inspiring actions bringing change to global water issues.

We are working with Water For Life, a trustworthy partner, bringing change in Rwanda. We designed this fundraising programme to provide you an opportunity to be a part of bringing change in the communities of Rwanda. We are a ministry of YWAM International.

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This project is presented by Pursuit of Water in partnership with Water for Life, a registered US non-profit, in order to bring changes to Rwanda on the issues of the rights to primary education and drinkable water.

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