Lisa Cee: My Turn (Rip Cat Records)

OK no I am not stuck on ladies named Lisa, tho if I were it would be a good thing when you consider the ample talent these two same named gals have.

Ms. Cee comes out swinging for the fences with her treatment of ‘What Good Am I’. This is a somewhat obscure soul/R&B tune from way back in the 60′s, updated and still funky as it wants to be but rockin’ hard thru the deep rooted soul.

With that barn burner still smoldering we get treated to another form of fire, the slow burning kind. ‘Lost You’ is both a personal statement but also a universal look at the confrontation of pain and loss of a dear friend. Not always easy to express for ourselves but even that more difficult to create something that resonates with everyone who has had to deal with these realities. Some wonderful guitar work only accentuates the deep felt hollowness that one feels in their soul, bravo on this excellent track.

A more familiar riff and subject matter is ‘Good Bye Baby’. With a west coast twist on a Texas shuffle we get a solid, straight ahead hard edged testament to saying good by of another type. Scott Abeyta provides some scorching slide guitar work (as well as mastering and mixing of this release) as we hear the declaration and commitment that it’s over and done with adios mi amigo!

We jump the R&B soul train once again to visit the Staples Singers classic ‘I’ll Take You There’. Well crafted and groove laden with the aptly named Max Bangwell on bongos and some excellent acoustic guitar work by BR Millon gives this familiar, almost revered track new life. Ms. Cee’s vocals are deep and feeling without overstepping the parameters of what she is doing.

The release closes with ‘Already Free’. A stripped down track featuring acoustic guitar, vocals with some added strings to fill it in, it is a touching display of songwriting depth which is an excellent choice to close the album.

Ms. Cee is a fan fav out on the left coast with the blues and roots fans and this release should move her into wider area of recognition. Check this lady out at .