Melody Lu

Full-Stack Software Engineer   |   (650) 996-1742

Mountain View, CA

Technical Skills_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Experienced:  Ruby on Rails, ActiveRecord, PostgresSQL, Javascript (ES2015), Node.js, React.js, Redux, AngularJS, Postgres, Heroku, Git, Bootstrap, D3.js, Grunt, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Google Maps API, Webpack

Proficient:      MySQL, SQLite, Test Driven Design w/ Jasmine/Chai/Mocha, Python, CoffeeScript, C#, Backbone.js, MongoDB, Adobe CS

Recent Projects______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Rezable    |    Full-Stack Software Engineer  &  User Experience Lead   |

      Resume-creation web app that makes it easy to create a beautiful resume        

    Fetcha.Dog   |   Scrum Master  &  Back-End Software Engineer    |

     Scheduling web app that allows dog lovers sign up to walk local shelter dogs

    RGByay!   |   Full-Stack Software Engineer    |

     Color-matching game that teaches users to connect RGB codes with actual hues and values

Professional Experience_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Visual Designer and Laser Technician, E&M Labs    |    Mountain View                2013

    Art Director, & Vaquera Films    |    Distributed company (US Timezones)        2013

    Senior Game Artist,  2Clams Game Studio    |    San Francisco / Argentina                 2011 -  2012

    Academic Technology Associate,  Stanford University    |    Palo Alto                2010

Education ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    MakerSquare: Hack Reactor Core School   |   Advanced Immersive Software Engineering   |   San Francisco        2015

    Vancouver Film School   |   Diplomas in Classical Animation & Digital Character Animation   |   Vancouver        2009

    Yale University   |   BA in Psychology   |   New Haven                 2006

Hobbies and Interests ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    I enjoy designing wooden toys on laser cutters, painting, biking, confusing my pet parrot, fire juggling, rock climbing, backpacking, and building improbable foods out of homemade sushi. I think spiders are adorable.