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Grammar - Introduction
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The following list of features describes the grammar of Kah in a nutshell:





Subject precedes the verb precedes the object

Huan nenju shuki

Juan     like  candy

Juan likes candy

N Mod

Nouns are followed by their modifiers

sunda yam sun ye

bike         red  two that

those two red bikes


Constituents which are the topic of the phrase are moved to the front

shuki Huan nenju

candy  juan   like

it is candy Juan likes


Pronouns functioning as subject or object rarely are expressed



I know


The lexicon consists of several hundred roots which form new words by compounding

ne  +  ni  =  neni

bird  +  vehicle  =  airplane

no inflection

Words have one form and take no morphemes

kaiko - book, books 

kaiko wi - many books 

kaiko yem - three books 

serial verbs

Subjects can have more than one verb with different objects each.

yu za tuya tu seki

she take knife cut meat  

she cut the meat with a knife

possd possr

Possessed items precede the possessor linked by a marker

kwando na Huan

school   of  juan  

Juan's school