Title: developing descriptive vocabulary outdoors

Starting point (inspiration)

Finding and taking photos outdoors to represent, explore and respond to a word or phrase


To collect and curate images that define, represent and explain a chosen or given word.

Task / activity

Give each pair a word or phrase to discuss and use.

Choice of word / phrase is crucial. It should be related to vocabulary relevant to the participants in their learning and possible to find examples of in the locality.

Each pair should then go and explore the location to take a series of photos to use in relation to their word. They should feel free to take too many so that they can make choices later.

When they’ve finished they should make a photo collage using an app (PicCollage / Moldiv) or website (Pic Monkey). They should curate to make sure the photos relate clearly to their word and explain it the audience. They might add text or withhold text so that the audience should guess their word.

Examples below

Reflection and feedback (including recording / capture)

Reflection and feedback

How would this differ in different locations (rural, urban)?

Can this be used to extend and expand vocabulary?

Can it be used to learn subject specific or place specific vocabulary?

Recording and capture


Photo collage app or site

Airdrop examples to teacher ipad to share as slide show or on a Padlet

International connections

Have a list of words to choose from translated across languages, compare images collected to define each word.

Resources (physical , technological, links, images)

Camera on phone or tablet


Photo collage app

JE Feb 2017

Examples from adult students