To whom this may concern,

There was recently a cross-over event between two games created by DeNA / Mobage, Fantasica and Super Battle Tactics. By playing both games you would unlock rewards at the end of the event for the opposite game. This event began on November 5th. At the time of the event start, it was noted that there was one requirement for the prize of “8+ Tank Ticket” in Fantasica: Get 25,000 event points in Super Battle Tactics.


Above is screenshot proof as of November 7th from Fantasica’s event page. The only requirement is the 25,000 Event Points in Super Battle Tactics. The only “small print” on the event page is that “All rewards will be distributed AFTER the Tank Girl Contest event (Fantasica half of event) concludes!”

On November 7th, without any prior warning, Fantasica uploaded this photo onto their Facebook page:


This infographic added small print saying that in order to receive the “8+ Tank Ticket” prize, you must get 25,000 Event Points in Super Battle Tactics AND 70,000 Event Points in the Tank Girl Contest Event.

This has gone completely unannounced in the game itself.

For two days people like me have been spending money on BOTH of these games in order to attain the 8+ Tank Ticket prize, only to find out through word of mouth, and not through the games themselves, that the requirements were completely altered.

If we had known of this additional requirement prior to this unofficial announcement, we would have never spent any money.

What DeNA / Mobage did is illegal specifically under:

12 U.S. Code Sec. 5531 - Prohibiting unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices.

I kindly request that all money spent on both games (Fantasica and Super Battle Tactics) between November 5th and November 7th be refunded to me.

Their deception in this event has been a major breach of trust and a coy manipulation of the player-base for profit.
The Fantasica community also urges that DeNA / Mobage be forced to announce this event change and all future alterations
through the game itself, not through social media, which is not an official means of announcement.

Thank you for your time.