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Thursday 4th May 2017  

Kia Ora

Welcome back to another term of fabulous learning, creating and sharing!

I hope you all had a wonderful break and enjoyed the sunny weather. During the first week of the school holidays I attended the Auckland GAFE Summit [GAFE stands for Google Apps For Education]. It was an opportunity for educators to get together and learn about different ways to motivate, engage and accelerate student learning.  I look forward to sharing the innovative and inspiring ideas with Pohatu class.

Learning themes

Last term we looked at identity and who we are as individuals.  This term we will be looking at ‘diversity’ and how we can connect with and understand others.

Community of inquiry

Every week we will be participating in a community of inquiry. This is a place where we openly discuss questions posed by students. During these inquiries students will develop fundamental skills such as formulating questions, seeing connections, clarifying ideas and seeing broader perspectives.

Drink/Water Bottles

We are a water only school. This means no juice, flavoured milk or fizzy drinks. Please make sure your child has a drink bottle each day that is named and filled with water only.


Just a reminder that the senior syndicate has changed the homework structure for students. Students will complete unfinished work along with spelling and basic facts revision. We would suggest the following structure:

Weekly Homework Routines - can be completed daily

  • Complete any unfinished work from class
    Log in to your drive using your school email address and access your work from there.

  • Practice your spelling words at home
    These are the words you will be focussing on in class each week. You can put them into sentences or practice spelling them correctly.

Option Homework - please note that this homework will not be collected or marked by the teachers

  • Spend at least 20 minutes reading
    This could be a reader from class, library book, newspapers or magazines. Fun articles can be found on www.kiwikidsnews.co.nz or you could choose a book to review on your blog.

  • Practice your basic facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
    You can write out your own basic facts, visit Prototec at www.prototec.co.nz or by logging into your Mathletics account.

School Uniform

Please NAME all your child’s belongings especially jumpers, shoes, socks and hats. If you are unable to do this at home feel free to send your child to me and I will use a marker to name their uniform.


Our library session takes place once every Friday after assembly. Please help your child with returning their books to school on or before library day to help them to get new ones each week.

Hay Park Way Assembly

Every fortnight we have our Hay Park Way assemblies in the hall. They are held on Fridays at 11.25am. This is where we celebrate our amazing Hay Park Way prize winners and the top scorers in each class. Our first Hay Park Way assembly will be held in Week two. We would love to see you there.

School trips

This term we have a few fun and exciting school trips. Please keep an eye out for newsletters and permission slips about these trips.

Ako Hiko parent meetings

Thank you to everyone who attended our Kawa of Care meetings last term. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated. This term there will be another Ako Hiko workshop for parents and students. This workshop will be based on digital citizenship and developing a positive digital footprint. Don’t worry if those terms don’t make sense as we will be explaining them in greater detail at the workshop. Keep an eye out for an Ako Hiko parent meeting newsletter.

Accessing our learning

Remember to follow the weekly updates on our class blog which can be found at hpsfortes.blogspot.com Another fantastic way you can access our learning is through our class site. This is where your child can access their learning at any time, anywhere and from any device. Our class site can be accessed through the ‘our classes’ link on our school website at www.haypark.school.nz

Kind regards


Christina Fortes

Pohatu Class Teacher                  

Email: christinaf@haypark.school.nz