Advancement Chair's Guide to TroopTrack

As Advancement Chair, the first item on your list of responsibilities will likely be setting and communicating deadlines to Den Leaders, so that they know when they need to have all of their Den's information entered into TroopTrack.

You can use the Calendar function to help with this. If you go to, you will see the calendar for the Pack. You can create a new event, write a description of that event, and invite just the Den Leaders, or just the Pack Leadership, so that they are aware of, and receive reminders about, these deadlines.

On the Basic Details tab of the event editing screen, you will be able to choose when notifications and reminders are sent, determine whether you need RSVPs, etc. This info will appear as part of the calendar record, and will appear on the dashboard and in the newsletter received by the folks who have been invited.

Be sure to de-select the "Payment required on RSVP" option on the Advanced event screen, as I believe it's selected by default.

Once the Den Leaders have met their deadline, which they surely will, your next step is to generate an Advancement Report and a Shopping List -- the Report is meant to communicate to the Council about the achievements of each of the Scouts, and the Shopping List lets you keep track of what you need to buy for the awards ceremonies. Both of those can be found under the Achieve menu.

Additionally, you can print out cards that go along with the awards when they are distributed to the Scouts. TroopTrack offers some specially perforated paper made for this purpose that we may want to invest in.

Once you've made the Advancement Report and bought everything on the Shopping List, you'll want to track when you've distributed the awards to Den Leaders, or to whoever is presenting the Scouts with their awards. That's done on the Present Awards page. There you can track each achievement, for each Scout, and make sure that everything has been purchased and awarded the Scout, and that the Scout has been recognized -- so the awards don't get lost in the shuffle somehow. Up to you to how you want to define "awarded" or "recognized."

For the ceremony or Pack meeting itself, you can Print Agenda (either by Scout or by Den), which will give you or whoever is emceeing the ceremony a list of who should be awarded what. This is also under the Achieve menu, and here's what the report looks like:

Here's TroopTrack's workflow of how to prepare for an advancement ceremony: