HHH Ranch

16032 180th Street East

Hastings, MN 55033




HHH Ranch and any or all if its agents does hereby agree to shared use of a horse owned by HHH Ranch according to terms as noted below:

Boarder: _______________________________                Horse: ________________________________________

Contract period:  _________________________                Description: ____________________________________

  Annual contract - $200/mo for twelve consecutive months with an initial security deposit of $600 to be credited over the last three months of contract period with an early contract termination fee of $600.

  9 month contract - $225/mo for nine consecutive months with an initial security deposit of $225 to be credited over the last month of contract period with an early contract termination fee of $225.

  Monthly contract - $250/mo with an initial security deposit that will be refunded at end of contract period with a fee of $250 if notice of termination is not given with 30 days notice.

Partial board payments are to be due on the first day of the month.

Partial Board agreement allows Boarder shared use of said horse, tack and HHH Ranch facilities.  Boarder warrants that he/she has inspected said horse and agrees to accept said horse in present condition.

Boarder agrees to abide by all HHH Ranch policies.  Boarder agrees to only use said horse on HHH Ranch premises and surrounding area and it shall only be trailered off the property with HHH Ranch’s consent.  The horse is available at any time during normal barn hours however, if there are any time conflicts in the use of said horse, HHH Ranch has first option to the use of said horse as needed.  If said horse is not available, use of another horse is not a condition of this agreement.

In exchange for the shared use of the horse noted above during the period of this agreement, the owner does hereby agree to assume all responsibilities and to pay all normal expenses for the care of said horse consistent with the practices of good animal husbandry, including but not limited to worming, routine veterinary expenses, shoeing and/or trimming as necessary.  Boarder shall be responsible for any incidental vet expenses resulting from their actions.

Boarder shall be liable for any serious injury or death of the horse and any property damage arising from negligence on the part of the Boarder or their agents. Use of a helmet is recommended for adult riders and is required for all minors.   Boarder shall hold the HHH Ranch harmless for any injury to persons or damages to any property caused by the shared horse, tack, facilities, while on the premises or during transport if applicable.

The title and ownership of the horse shall be retained by HHH Ranch. Boarder shall not sell, mortgage, or encumber the horse in any manner whatsoever. Boarder shall not assign this agreement nor sublet the horse covered hereby.  The horse is only to be ridden by Boarder and not by Boarder’s guests, family or friends.  

No modification of this agreement shall be binding unless in writing and executed by the parties hereto.

The undersigned Owner and Boarder accept the terms and conditions of this agreement and acknowledge a copy thereof.

HHH Ranch Agent: __________________________________________         Date: ___________________

Boarder: ___________________________________________________          Date: ___________________


Contact:  ___________________________________________________        Phone:  _________________