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inquiry to action groups (ItAGs)


TAG is excited to present 2019’s Inquiry to Action Groups.  ItAGs are spaces co-created to advance our understanding of the political and social landscapes that affect our schools as well as share best practices for our daily work. 

Listed below are descriptions of the SIX ItAGs that will convene across the city in the coming months.  Register for ItAGs here. 

Join us at 5:30 on Wednesday, FEBRUARY 20 at YouthBuild Philadelphia, 1231 North Broad Street, for a PUBLIC LAUNCH and a chance to meet the facilitators.  

Spread the word!  Share the ItAGs list and registration widely, and join the movement for educational equity and justice in Philadelphia: @TAGphilly; #ItAGs2018; #PHLed; www.facebook.com/tagphilly.

For more information, reach out to us at tagphilly@gmail.com.

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1)         Title:  Notice:Philly

Description: This ItAG seeks to connect students, teachers, community members and other stakeholders who are interested in exploring the history, current impact and future of gentrification/displacement in Philadelphia, with the goal of creating an action plan or product of resistance as a resource for schools and communities. Some essential questions we will tackle:  What is gentrification? What historical events have led to the current landscape?  How are students impacted? What actions can students and stakeholders take when impacted by gentrification and displacement? What skills are necessary in this work?  

Facilitator: Tue Ho is a Vietnamese refugee raised in South Philadelphia.  A graduate from Temple and Penn, he currently works as a special education teacher at Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School.        

Time/Place:        TBD with participants        



2)         Title:  Building Consent Culture in Philly Schools                

Description: In today’s culture, young people are bombarded with messages about sex and consent. Across genders, youth are often navigating these messages and their own boundaries without a firm understanding of what consent actually is and many schools are not proactive or consistent about addressing these issues. This workshop will bring educators together to reflect on ways schools can interrupt rape culture and instead promote a culture of consent. Participants will leave this workshop more informed, and courageous --- to speak up and advocate for consent culture throughout the Philadelphia school district and in our communities.

Facilitators: Educators/activists Nuala Cabral, Kayla Watkins, Lorenzo Cannon Umstead and Kashara White use youth produced media to teach consent workshops in Philly schools. Their workshops have reached over 2000 students and educators over the past four years. They are currently organizing youth, educators and community members to advocate for change at the Philadelphia School Board in 2019.        

Time/Place:  TBD with participants        


3)         Title:  Singing for Justice with Sing, Unburied, Sing        

Description:  Presented by the Paul Robeson House Museum and The West Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. This ItAG will dovetail with One Book, One Philadelphia programming to explore meaningful ways to engage works by Jesmyn Ward (Sing, Unburied Sing and Men We Reaped) toward transformative curricular projects. Each participant will receive a copy of both texts. We encourage teachers to sign up with the Free Library to garner class sets of the books. Request books: https://goo.gl/forms/iUds5btqa5R0ir363        

Facilitator: Chris Rogers serves as program director for the Paul Robeson House Museum, where they seek to honor the Black radical internationalist legacy of Paul and Eslanda Robeson through a focus on the arts as a tool for social change. He's a core member of TAG and has previously led iTAGS around digital literacies, racial capitalism, and museums as sites for social justice.         

Time/Place: Not yet, but two things: We have 10 tickets set aside for Jesmyn Ward's visit to Philly on January 16th. And February 2nd, Caucus Educators will be discussing Race and Education at Free Library: https://libwww.freelibrary.org/calendar/event/82226


4)         Title: Teaching for Black Lives        

Description: We view this ItAG as an entry way for teachers wondering how to make their classrooms anti-racist and actively pro Black Lives. Using the new book from Rethinking Schools, we will discuss how material and issues can be integrated to the classroom.         

Facilitators: Tamara Anderson, Clarice Brazas, Angela Crawford, and Kristin Luebbert are all experienced Philadelphia teachers, members of the Caucus of Working Educators Racial Justice Committee, and educators who actively work to build anti-racist classrooms.        


Time/Place: TBD with participants        



5)         Title: Story Circle Theater Project

Description: TAG is convening people connected to education in Philly — students, teachers, parents, community advocates — to share our stories and dreams, grow our relationships, and build our collective vision and power to transform our city. These gatherings will lead toward a larger theater project that TAG is making to amplify our stories and visions for change in Philly. We have already collected a lot of stories, and will continue to do so over the winter and spring. In this ItAG, we will work to synthesize all that we've heard into a skeleton/script of our play. Sessions will be spent listening to footage, pulling out themes and important stories, and collaboratively putting the piece "up on its feet." Expect to do some discussion, writing, and theater activities. You do not have to have experience as a theater-maker to make theater! You just have to want to engage your creative edges.

Facilitators: Anissa Weinraub, Alma Sheppard-Matsuo, Aileen Haggerty, and Maria Carambo are all full-time classroom educators and TAG core members. Their experience in the performing arts ranges from "I've never done this before" to "I've been on tour with a theater company." They're all excited about getting to be more creative in their lives.

Time/Place: 3 Saturday sessions (late morning/early afternoon). In a house in South and/or West Philadelphia. Once during February, March and April. Exact dates will be picked by the group.


Title: Critical Financial Literacy Part 2- Policy Implications and Action Steps

Description: This is the second Critical Financial Literacy ItAG, and will explore policy implications and action steps to increase financial literacy programs in K-12 classrooms and beyond.  Recognizing the racial wealth gap in the US, we seek to support families and youth in understanding the historical and systemic context that created and maintains vast inequity and poverty. Our action will be to develop curriculum and school/community partnerships that provide basic financial literacy skills, and at the same time, challenge educators and youth to consider individual, community, and public policy solutions to help build generational wealth in marginalized communities, and to take active, ethical, and collective steps to close the racial wealth gap.

Facilitators:  Daniel La Salle, Nicole Newman, Samuel Reed, III are all past participants and facilitators of financial literacy programs. They are also  excited to share resource from the Next Gen Personal Financial program.

Time/Place: 4 sessions- Dates and Locations TBD with participants