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‭Sunday Feb 17 2013

KYAR intr0.mp3




“Almost Live‭” ‬Sweep

Opening Monologue

The film stars John Cusack as a disaffected CIA agent who is given one last chance to prove himself.

He is given the task of protecting Katherine (Malin Akerman), the operator of a top secret 'Numbers Station' that broadcasts encrypted messages to operatives.

When the station is compromised, the pair must work together to prevent a global disaster.

Kasper Barfoed has directed the film from the script by F Scott Frazier.

The Numbers Station is scheduled for release in the US on April 26. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

Read more:

Numbers Station: John Cusack, Malin Akerman under siege in new trailer 


pw-pir8innews‭ (‬MP3‭)‬

Pirates in the news

FCC Watch

News Items

Arrest in Wolverhampton pirate radio station raid

A man has been arrested in a raid on a pirate radio station in Wolverhampton.

Police and officials from communications regulator Ofcom raided the premises in Crowther Street, Park Village, early on Wednesday.

Equipment was also seized, including a microphone, a mixing desk, a computer and electrical cables.

Police said a man, 33, from Dudley, was arrested on suspicion of offences under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006. He has been released on bail.

Feds: Pirate radio station interferes with air traffic control - WPBF West Palm Beach


From the Blogosphere:



‭ Pirate Shortwave

‭Pat Murphy


Pat Murphy posted this last week and I forgot to mention it. Its a website where you can enter your address and see what frequencies are open to set a 100-watt FM in, for your community. Very nicely done:   he also supplied another site "Community Broadcasters Association" that has a lot of good links and information:

 phlegm  notes that The National Federation of Community Broadcasters have been around for a few decades now...they kind of act as a "representative" body/facilitator for full-power community radio stations around the country. They have an annual Community Radio Conference, which is in San Francisco this year.


HF Underground


rwfisheriv-         Raspberry Pi, antennas, and SDR                                                                         So now that you can pretty much have a complete computer for $35 or so, and add on a SDR for another $15....thoughts on how this might be fun?  Since you could have a $50 receiver right at your antenna, would it be easier to build arrays since you wouldn't have to worry about losses in the feed (just about running the ethernet cables between the boxes...)?

Radio Necks

Scan done this afternoon via the Tecsun with larger whip attached in the Medway area of North Kent. Pirates & overseas only.

87.5 - Funky Essex (35dB)

87.9 - Dutch (Ompoep Zeeland?) (10dB)

88.2 - Rude FM (13dB but with lots of interference from R1 88.1 Guildford & 88.3 Sutton Coldfield)

88.4 - Vision Radio UK (7dB)

88.6 - Back2Back FM (10dB)

90.4 - Klara (Belgium) (very weak)

90.6 - Fresh

90.7 - Dutch or Flemish (possibly Arrow from Lopik, Holland) (weak)

90.8 - Lightning FM (very weak)

92.0 - Desire (36dB)

92.7 - Natural Vibez Radio (weak, R4 fading over)

92.9 - Klick (10dB)

94.4 - Flames (12dB)

94.6 - Kool (11dB)

95.1 - Origin (19dB)

96.1 - S-Dance

96.5 - WBLS (13dB)

97.0 - Demand UK (27dB)

98.3 - Rise Nation (30dB)

98.6 - BRTN Radio 2 (Belgium) (9dB)

99.1 - Havit FM (very weak)

99.3 - Select UK (6dB when Radio 1 is nulled)

99.6 - Ragga FM (10dB)

99.8 - Supreme FM (15dB)

100.7 - Q Music (presumably) (5dB)

101.1 - is probably R.C.D from Calais

101.3 - Spice? (may be overseas, didn't listen long enough) (very weak)

101.8 - Bizim FM (13dB)

102.0 - Conscious Radio (13dB)

102.4 - silent carrier (21dB)

103.7 - Shake FM UK (29dB)

104.0 - Muzik FM (6dB)

104.2 - Dem90 (8dB when BBC Kent nulled)

104.7 - Pozitif Radio (7dB)

106.5 - Project FM (weak due to Sunlight 106.6)

107.3 - Atlantis FM

‭FROM The...... FREE RADIO WEEKLY 889, Feb 16, 2013

Covering Free Radio activity from 9 to 15 Feb 2013

Stations heard on air this week include stations of:


Blue Ocean Radio

Radio GA GA

Rave on Radio

Radio Ronin




Channel Z

Hot Radio- North American Relay of Hot Radio from Europe,

WPOD White Punks on Dope

Global Warming Radio

WUBR Ultimate Blizzard Radio

Liquid Radio

Frederic Chopin Radio


6925 usb 2/12 00:22-00:31 SIO 454 Beastie Boys?, “Looser” played backwards(RD)

SDF1 Radio


‭Stations sending out QSL's this week are the stations of:

Mike Rhode QSLs WAZU and Hot Radio

Lee Silvi QSL Received: Radio Azteca Non-QSL card (rejection notice)

received. As a designated “Radio Azteca QSL Whore” (a title bestowed upon

me by Bram himself) I realized my Radio Azteca QSL collection lacked a

“Rejection QSL”. So I postal mailed Bram a faux reception report and

promptly received a “Rejection QSL” and pennant from Radio Azteca by

snail mail.

Ragnar Danskjold QSL Received: Rave on Radio QSL received via email for

their “10cc” show aired 1/5/2013 . Better late than never!


‭on air now?

Warn on F bombs.     Check the drop!

Off Air Recordings‭   (no need to notify me, I’ll see the new upload)

Be sure to have the freq/date in the title or the ID3 tags, there’s also a shoutbox on the page, and don't forget to say who uploaded the clips, I’d like to give you credit.

Sealord down in Florida using a Ten Tec RX-340 with a 4 Sq. Antenna
antenna. Red Mercury Labs 6925 USB 0052z-0058z 02-11-13

SDF1 Radio 6925 usb 20:20-20:25 2/10/13 SIO 454

instrumental techno MX. Gave addy as Longer broadcast repeated at 20:54-21:15 (RD)

XLR8 6925 usb 00:22-00:31 2/12/13 SIO 454

id into   “Looser” played backwards. (RD)

Frederic Chopin Radio 6940 AM 22:45-23:20 2/14/13 SIO 454

piano mx. Nocturne in C sharp minor, Nocturne in E minor, Waltz No.1 in A Flat Major, Ballade No. 1 in G Minor  and other classical pieces. Computer voice ID after each piece. (RD)

Thomas Witherspoon of The SWLing Post  listening in western North Carolina with his delta loop fed WinRadio Excalibur

Wolverine Radio ,  tom said-was the strongest of the pirate radio stations I heard last night.

Wolverine was broadcasting on 6.935 MHz in the upper side band. Very good signal and excellent fidelity for SSB. Typical of Wolverine, lots of music variety and no commentary other than station ID throughout.

Wolverine Radio–at least each time I’ve heard them–sends an SSTV image at the end of the broadcast. Last night was no exception, though I had a difficult time decoding, and no time to tinker. If you can decode, please forward the image, mode you used and I’ll post it!

Achims Free Radio Desaster Detmold Germany NRD 525 GF with a Dressler ARA 30 active antenna

Radio City  9510AM  2/16/13 09:00

Wrap up with WEAK Radios new show- check out the QSL

Renegade Radio 6925 usb 00:20- 2/16/13 SIO 252

Renegade Radio relaying a new show of WEAK Radio on their second anniversary of their FCC visit. faded out by 00:30 (RD)

“PW New URL1‭” ‬Sweep


‭Other Radio News:

Listening to AWW the other week and Joe from California called in, I’ve actually heard him call in a few times, and those who listen closely recognise this is actually Joe Walsh who I knew was a ham and radio enthusiast, didn't know he was a fan of WBCQ. And who knows? he may even be a fan of Pirate Radio. That wouldn't be a stretch if hes a BCQ fan. No, I’m not even going to speculate what other show he may listen too. LOL not going to even contemplate that.

 ButI bring up Joe walsh because I want to talk about another rock n roller with a passion for radio. That would be David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth talks Radio- CAUTION this IS DLR, there are multiple F bombs.

Not Pirate just early FM

TheRothShow: Episode 10: FM Underground Radio [David Lee Roth] youtube

:26  21:  



What did we learn this week?

Boat Anchor Sweep

Worst Pirate

96‭ ‬bit,‭ ‬41000,‭ ‬40bit‭ ‬41000 ‭MONO



change date in audio file link, copy link to DOWNLOAD'S


Low bit rate file can be downloaded on the FTP 27MB

Broadcast versions no longer available, ya get what ya get. F-BOMB Alert


Pirates in the news this week include an arrest of a UK pirate, and a Florida pirate makes the news for possibly interfering with air traffic control. You will also want to check out the trailer for John Cusack’s new movie- Numbers Station.

‭Select postings from the Free Radio Network, HF Underground and note stations logged per the Free Radio Weekly.

Off Air Recordings include the stations of: Red Mercury Labs, SDF1 Radio, XLR8, Frederic Chopin Radio, Wolverine Radio, Radio City from Europe and a brief clip of the studio copy from WEAK radio’s new show.

We’ll take a listen to David Lee Roth’s memories of growing up with radio in California. Couple sites you may want to check out- World Radio Day that was discussed by

International Radio Report and Ears to Our World a organization that distributes shortwave radios to needy people over seas. Also “My LPFM”  and "Community Broadcasters Association"

‭Background music from the Podsafe Music Network.

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Free 103.9 newsroom


 Glen Hausers World of Radio.

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