Reflection for Learning

Today’s Facilitator: Sara Wickham, LHS Assistant Principal

Description: John Dewey once said, “We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.” Let’s look at strategies where students reflect on their experiences and take more ownership of their learning!

Join the Conversation: Share your tried and true strategies, tools, and tips!

Strategy / Tool / Tip

Extension Ideas

Prompts For Reflection 

Author Larissa Pahomov writes a compelling Chapter 6 on reflection and how to connect to the learning process. Goal setting, think time, de-emphasizing grades, and letting reflection accumulate are all themes to make the shift to a culture of reflection for learning.

PBL Reflection Questions

One-Minute Paper

Exit/Entrance Ticket as “Meta Moments”

In regards to _____ I used to think:

Now I think:

Learning Target Trackers (EIP Example)

Can be used in any content. Reflection over time is a great way to identify growth and assess areas of need in your learning targets.

Discussion Reflections

This is a document we created for one of our JayWalks. Pages 2 and 5 identify ways to reflect within the discussion process.

Group Role - Reflection: 

Create an assigned role when doing group work for a student to be responsible for facilitating reflection among the group.  Throughout the process, the student assigned the Reflection role would facilitate different check-ins. (Joe Oxley)

Walk In Their Shoes prompt - provoke empathy and reflection by challenging students to relate to a character or culture that is different from their own. (Astrid Ruiz)

Reflect on personal experiences to connect with challenging curriculum.  Why should it matter to me?  (Astrid Ruiz)