Hanohano Outrigger Canoe Club

                                Hanohano, translated from Hawaiian into English means

                        "Glorious, Dignified, Worthy of Praise"

Since 1981 Hanohano Outrigger canoe Club has been a part of the Mission Bay culture. The club has members ranging in age from 11 years old to over 70 years old.  The club was formed as a way to unite men and women who share an interest in perpetuating and participating in outrigger canoe racing.

Hanohano has developed a program to encourage the growth and success of their youth.  Junior paddlers ranging in ages 11 to 19 can join a program offered by the club that teaches them to appreciate ocean sports and the Hawaiian/Polynesian culture of paddling.

Along with that program two graduating seniors from local high schools are awarded scholarships for achieved success in water sports each year. We invite you to apply for this one-time award.

Scholarship Award Application

Open to: Graduating seniors planning to attend a four-year college /  university, or two-year community college who have been a member of a water sport team which could include but is not limited to: water polo, swim / dive, surfing, canoe/kayak, rowing, or sailing, for at least two years.

Selection:  Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on how well their answers to the questions reflect their commitment to water sports.

Amount:  $250


Deadline: Postmarked on or before May 3, 2015

        (Winner will be notified by phone no later than May 8, 2015)

Attach this application to your written responses and mail to:

        Hanohano Outrigger Canoe Club

        750 San Luis Rey, Pl.

        San Diego, CA. 92109

Or send it electronically to




Home Telephone Number:

GPA:                       College or university planning to attend:

Please have your coach complete the following:

I,                                                         find                                                                        

 (coach’s name printed)                                           (applicant)

to be of high moral character, integrity and a worthy recipient of this scholarship.

Signature                                                                               Date

        (coach’s signature or e-mail address for verification))

Application essay questions:


Please type your responses to the following questions on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to this application.  Your responses to the three questions combined, must not be longer than one typed page.

1) Who has been the most inspirational person in your life and why?


2) Describe the highlight of your high school water sports career?


3) Why should you receive this scholarship?


*Please restate the questions at the beginning of each response.

Award recipients will be invited to receive their award at Hanohano Outrigger Canoe Club’s 32nd annual Crystal Pier Race on May 9. Recipients are invited to bring  friends or family to the race for the award presentation.  If the recipient cannot attend the race, the award will be mailed after May 12, 2015.