PTO Agenda/Minutes

Children’s Kiva Montessori School

PTO Meeting

March. 3rd 5:30 P.M. -Beech Street

  1. Welcome/Introductions:Cari Spoonemore PTO President
  2. PTO Vision- The Children’s Kive Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) serves as a liaison between

parents, teachers, staff and the Board of Directors, with the goal of enriching the Kiva community.

The PTO strives to create a welcoming atmosphere for families to engage more deeply in their children’s education by providing a forum sharing ideas and by sponsoring opportunities for family involvement.

  1. Community Forum-Please limit comments, suggestions, or concerns to 5 min.  If you would like more time please request your items be placed on the agenda.  
  1. Open Forum- Because of time constraints, Cari will take written questions, comments, or ideas and will incorporate into the next agenda to be addressed.

  1. Reports
  1. President (15 min)
  1. Follow up on parent forum comments.
  1. Feb’s Family Night
  1. Debrief- Attendance not as good as previous activities.  Parents expressed that they were busy and that there have been too many events. Parents seem to feel that because they had attended previous events, it was ok to miss one.  Talked about only doing events once every other month.  Setting an event calendar for the year would be helpful and making it clear what each event is and whether it’s for CH, EMS, or both.
  2. Thoughts on once a month activities
  1. Becca Samulski speed zone update- She met with Police Cheif and Public Works director.  They talked about offering a monitor to make sure people were following the speed limit.  They also agreed to re-paint the crosswalk at Roger Smith and possibly adding some sort of lights for the crosswalk in the spring.  We need to keep stressing that parents are following the speed limit and using the crosswalk every time!  They also agreed to discuss moving the crosswalk closer to the Kiva. Becca will follow up on this.
  2. Kids Fest April 25th We will discuss this more next month.  This will be something that is 100% parent run so we do need volunteers! it will be held on the Rec Center lawn.
  1. outdoor activities:  bean bag toss, parachute ball toss etc.
  2. Parent volunteers needed 3-2 hour shifts
  1. 10-12    2 volunteers
  2. 12-2      2 volunteers
  3. 2-3        2 volunteers

  1. Treasure (5 min) - Each school needs to decide what they want to do with their special project money.  Decided whether they want to use it for the entire school or split it up by class & lower el/upper el.
  1. Normal treasure activities
  2. PTO checkbook balance = $2,016.  Outreach budget available is about $450.

  1. Fundraising Director (15 min)
  1. Speed Pampering: date has been changed to either Thurs, Fri or Sat before Mothers’ Day.  Tentative location still Cortez Cultural Center. Other location ideas? -Brian Mason has a friend who is willing to do a donation only yoga class.  Erin will follow up.
  1. Calvin Denton room would work…

       2. “Drive for Schools” sponsored by Ford

  1. Kiva will earn $20 for each test drive held during the event.
  1. $20 x 200 drivers = $4000.00
  1. Possible locations:
  1. 4 Corners Ag Expo Thurs-Sat March 19-21 Had 14,000 people attend last year. We could possibly add a Kiva section to Erin’s dads booth. They will ask the board about doing this. Kesee has to be involved and we are waiting on their response. The positive to this is it is coprporate money instead of community money.
  1. Hotsy OTFC will have a booth, we can set up with them and direct people outside to test drive. Would we need an outdoor space? OR do we make fliers/ brochures and send people from the fairgrounds to Kessee to test drive??
  1. garden Show-
  1. AMAZING Fundraising opportunity Revealed!!!!!

Ota’s(SP?) mom is a stand-up  comedian and has agreed to do a benefit show for us.  She will find an opening act herself and was asked to make sure it’s someone who’s content follows Kiva values. Sunflower theater is where we could hold it. They rent it for $300 + $1 per ticket sold on a weeknight. We could collaborate with local restaurants either we could advertise and we would get an increase in sales or we could rate them on trip advisor to drum up business for tourist season if they agreed to sponsor.. Ticket price point would ideally be $25 per ticket we have the potential to make $2826 if we sold out at this price point.  We could make $2261 at a $20 per ticket price point or $3213 at a $28 price point. Also brought up offering babysitting at one of the school buildings for an additional fee.  Need to check on legal hindrances for this.

**See attachment for full notes on the fundraising portion of the agenda**

     4. Ideally our PTO Fundraising mtgs will be ONLINE at 8 or 8:30pm. I have had little response to previous emails. I feel this is an IDEAL situation for working parents. We use a program called Fuze. It’s simple! Only need internet access and/ or participants can call in from their phone. Can download app to phone or tablet and/ or use on desktop computer.

  1. What do I need to do to get the word out?? Why are people hesitant?


  1. Volunteer Director (10 min)

  1. Brian Mason brought up the idea of parents donating money instead of food so the staff could go out to eat. Like this idea concerned we may have a hard time getting parents to buy in, what about a year end lunch or with teacher appreciation week? Ideas?
  2. Starting to work on Teacher Appreciation week, anyone who wants to be involved please let me know
  3. Revisit Volunteer of the month
  1. what can we offer as a gift
  2. best way to spread the word

                      4.   Distributed communication contacts for Room Coordinators to contact Parents

                      5.   Added up and categorizing hours for CH families

                                   6.  Spring Work Day - is there a date set? Date not yet set.  

Volunteer hours have been logged- a lot of people have not logged volunteer hours.  There needs to be some clarification on how logging hours works between schools.  Need ideas on how to solve this problem and get people to log hours.


  1. Health and Wellness (10 min)

Special Presentation by Rainey Wikstrom.

Rainey believes that food is medicine and research shows that healthy kids learn better.  She is working with a 3 year grant (8 Schools in Colorado are part of this).  They found that while public schools were getting support for Health and Wellness, Charter schools were not so this grant was created to help solve that.  Gives each school technical assistance to identify a plan/vision and help them find resources to implement.  Reports what each school needs.  

  1. Directors Corner (10 min-5 min each)
  1. Josh Warinner: Executive Director - Went to Colorado League of Charter Schools and got lots of ideas.  Will attend AMS National Conf. in Philadelphia next week with some staff.
  2. Alexia Hudson-CH Director- CH is taking referrals for new students. CH is implementing a garden curriculum.  Lexi was invited to speak in Denver on the Capitol Steps.

  1. New Business/Next months Agenda
  1. PTO election process- Anyone can run, it’s a yearly process.  There will be a new Health and Wellness Liaison position.
  2. Kids fest final plans

  1. Calendaring:
  1. Upcoming Events
  1. March 12-13th NO SCHOOL
  2. March 16th BOD CH 4:30 E/MS 6:30
  3. March 19th Family STEAM Night 5:30- Date may be changing!
  4. March 27th NO SCHOOL Prof. Development
  5. March 30th-SPRING BREAK

  1. Next PTO meeting:
  1. TBD