Setting the Boot Order

There is a computer inside the HDi Recorder.

Like most computers it has a little set of instructions and parameters that operate when you turn on the power. This is the Basic Input/Output System or BIOS.  Among other things, the BIOS settings designate the Boot Order, from which disc will the system boot-up at power-on.

If you cannot boot-up from the reinstall/update disc, perhaps the BIOS setting have been corrupted...power surge perhaps.

Here’s how to set the boot order:

Find a computer keyboard and plug it into a USB port or the P/S2 port on the rear of the HDi.  The HDi will recognize either USB or P/S2 keyboards.  No mouse is needed.

Turn on the power and immediately begin pressing the Delete key repeatedly, a little faster than once per second.  You should see:


Figure 1.   The Main BIOS Menu

Arrow Right or Left until the word “Advanced” lights up (top right).  
Press Enter.

On the Advanced screen, Arrow Right or Left until “Boot” lights up.  Press Enter to see:


Figure 2.  The Boot Menu

See the topics on the left side, especially “Set Boot Priority”..

Arrow down to “Boot Option #1”  The middle column should say “CD/DVD ATAPI…”.

If it doesn’t say that, press the Enter key to select that topic.

Boot Option #1

Figure 3. Boot Option #1DSC_0774.jpg

Arrow up/down to get to the “CD/DVD…” selection and press Enter

Now Arrow Down to “Hard Disk Drive Priorities” and press Enter.

“Hard Disk Drive Priorities” screen.


Disk drives have different names and manufacturers.  We generally use

Sandisk or Adata SSD for the Boot/System Drive.  It is Port 0 or “P0”

WD/Western Digital, Seagate for the “Data” or Video drive. It is “P1”

Highlight “Boot Option #1” and press Enter

Arrow up/down and select the drive on “P0”

That is the main, “boot” disk drive.

That is all.

Press the F4 key on your keyboard to save and exit.

The system will then reboot itself.