NIM         : 15031711

CLASS        : KPI/A



Lecturer killer is a scourge for the students. Lecturer killer often defined as a lecturer fierce, don’t care, many assign tasks, and hobby stingy provide value and some other negative things. So that's the reason why a lecturer can be judged to have the conscience to kill. At each campus would know the term lecturer killer. So was also in campus IAIN Mataram there are lecturers of the most feared students call him MR. MD . At any lecture I also had experience interacting with faculty killer . In fact there is one lecturer who can say killerty level high, it is often told by the seniors and alumni.

Usually the characteristics lecturer killer was five minutes before class began, he already sits neatly on his desk. Projector is on, the chalkboard is clean and markers ready . When the time comes, the class began. He began to roll his students one by one. I came just two minutes after missing the finish, but there is no forgiveness for me .

Twenty minutes class runs, the concentration explains he is currently lectures today, all seem notice , and some were noted. But suddenly a voice chat in the back . Reprimands and threats right out of his mouth. And it turns out, there are students who sleep…! How great guts. He also wake students and bombarded him with some tough questions . The students who are still semi-conscious can only be silent, and he was directly away and asked her to wash my face. Lecture was running back, all eyes were forward , frightened .

A few weeks later, test scores came out. I 've been studying hard to get good grades in this class, to the point that I stay up two nights. Apparently, my value C. Congratulations. Could've passed just lucky if that 's the same faculty .

  1. The positive impact was taught by lecturers killer because he did not want the students to have the knowledge and skills that responsibility or half -and-half . The students will become civil servants on which depends the fate of the people , nation and state . Only civil servants who have the knowledge and skills are more than enough capable to perform his duties properly. If there is a problem until later when on duty , then the teachers during a lecture at the official campus will also get the spotlight . Therefore, it will just pass students who deserve to pass since strive to improve their knowledge and skills .
  2. The negative impact was taught by lecturers killer for students that students often do not care about the subject ,Yet nothing has scared students, Students lazy task.