Summit Academy LLC, GA

Policies and Procedures


Summit Academy (SA) is…


  1. REGISTRATION & CLASS AVAILABILITY: Classes fill via online registration, on a first-paid basis. Thus, early registration maximizes chances of securing classes.  There is absolutely no class guarantee. If a class doesn’t develop due to insufficient enrollment, parents are refunded tuition or supply fees already paid; if the canceled class is the only one registered for, registration fees are also refunded. Parents are notified ASAP if any class is questionable for development.
  2. FEES: Application, registration, insurance, supply & tuition fees are all non-refundable. Your registration will include signing a financial commitment agreement to pay all fees by certain dates or deadlines, and is a Contractual Obligation on your part.
  1. Application fee ($10/family) is paid with online application form each academic year. Once an application form is received, SA administration will process it within 3-5 business days, and applicant will receive notice of whether the application has been accepted, denied, or whether further clarification of information is required.
  2. Registration & insurance fees are paid with online registration each academic year. Amounts vary per campus (see website campus pages for amounts). To encourage early registration on behalf of our instructors, fees are discounted for registration prior to May 31, with rates rising continually thereafter.
  3. Instructors’ non-refundable supply fee secures your student’s place in classes (in summer for fall term, by Dec. 15 for spring term). It is payable immediately upon instructor’s request after registration. (Not paying a supply fee does NOT negate your obligation to pay instructor’s tuition and is not considered a method of dropping a class – see Paragraph 4, below, for correct method to drop a class.) Regardless of when instructor requests payment of supply fee, if fee is not paid by 1st week of fall and/or spring term classes, your student may not be allowed to attend class until it has been paid.
  4. Tuition is paid directly to instructors on a monthly (every 4 weeks) basis (or in full, if parent prefers) as classes begin. Fall term requires 3 monthly payments; spring term, 4 monthly payments (due dates vary per campus per year and is listed on the school calendar). See Paragraph #3 below for late payment policy.
  5. If a parent asks to drop a student from class(es) during the term for a reason other than loss of household’s main income, or relocation of primary residence beyond 40 miles of academy location, parent is RESPONSIBLE FOR TUITION PAYMENTS THROUGHOUT THE TERM. If your primary residence at time of registration is more than 40 miles from the location, you are still responsible for tuition if you choose to drop classes, unless you move a greater distance away. This policy is vital to maintain quality instructors. If your primary income alters and/or relocation occurs, please notify instructors and site directors immediately. If relocating, a minimum of 2 weeks notice prior to tuition due date is required, or you will be responsible for that month’s tuition.
  6. Although this fee system may mean multiple checks/payments, it is the most cost-effective way classes can be offered. Thank you for paying all fees in a timely manner.
  1. LATE/DELINQUENT PAYMENTS and/or RETURNED CHECKS: Failure to make timely tuition payments will prohibit your student from returning to class until such payment is made, along with a $5 late fee/week applied. Also, failure to pay supply fees by the 1st week of instruction will prohibit your student to continue in class until fees are fully paid. Delinquent fees from one term and/or year renders administration responsible to withhold placement of students on any future class rosters. Returning families who have not complied with rules one year may be placed on probation or asked to exit the program with no refunds. Parents are also liable to instructor for any bank fees charged for returned checks.
  2. ADDING & DROPPING CLASSES: Classes still available may be added at any time at no charge. Dropping and/or changing classes, no matter the reason (with the exception of Paragraph 2e above), is only allowed at certain times of year (see school calendar for these dates). Fees for dropping and/or changing classes are listed at the top of the Drop Class Form. There is no exception to these fees, so please check your calendar carefully to avoid causing yourself unnecessary expense. Although classes are designed for a full year, SA’s policy of allowing classes to be dropped mid-term is our courtesy to you.
  3. MEDICAL, EMERGENCY, & LIABILITY FORMS:  Parents must submit to site director a current medical release with emergency information for each student registered for each campus they attend. Do not include more than one student this form! An online liability waiver must be signed for each family. All students in your family can be included on this form.
  4. REQUIRED PARENT PARTICIPATION: Although SA is not a co-op, parent participation is required. This gives students an optimal, safe learning environment while keeping costs low. Parents are required to serve as Parent Assistants (PA) in a student-supervisory capacity to aid instructors in their students’ classrooms or in hallways. Read Parent Assistant Expectations for details. Minimum requirements for PA dates are based on number of students parents register per campus (note the longer spring term requires additional dates), and are as follows:
  1. One (1) student registered, parent serves 3 dates/fall term, 4 dates/spring term
  2. Two to three (2-3) students registered, parent serves 4 dates/fall term, 5 dates/spring term
  3. Four or more (4+) students registered, parent serves 5 dates/fall term, 6 dates/spring term

Parents sign up for PA dates with campus site directors on a first come, first served basis. (You will be contacted after registration with information on how to sign up for dates.) Parents’ cooperation in fulfilling PA dates is preferred; however, parents who fail to fulfill the PA responsibility with no valid explanation or date change request will be charged $10/class of their assignment. Students of that parent are prohibited from classes until parent serves as PA. For a valid emergency due to illness or death in the family, parent will be rescheduled with no penalties.

  1. LUNCHES/SNACKS: Please ensure your student has a satisfying meal prior to SA arrival. There is no large group snack break. However, if student is enrolled in classes for the entire morning, they may take an optional 5-minute break for water and a snack from home at the beginning of 3rd period (10:40), or at the time the campus site director schedules snacks. If student is present during lunch period at campuses where a lunch period is scheduled, sack lunches are permitted. Site directors of campuses will clarify when and where food may be consumed.
  2. STUDY HALL: Study Hall is for grades 6-12 ONLY. Please use minimal study hall time, as space & supervision are limited. A student may have more than one study hall as long as they are not back-to-back periods. Maximum study hall length is 45-60 minutes. Fees for study hall for students not supervised by parents vary by campus, and are currently available only as follows (prices may change as supervision may be needed):
  1. Auburn, no charge
  2. Conyers, $10/student/period
  3. Lawrenceville, $10/student/period
  4. Loganville, $10/student/period
  5. Monroe SA Prep, TBD
  6. Summit T-38, available only at special request and for serious need
  7. Watkinsville, $10/student/period
  1. MIDDLE SCHOOL/HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Please read the High School Academic Standards before registering for High School level classes. Please read the Code of Conduct and Discipline Contract before registering for Middle School/High School level classes. You will be asked to attend a meeting prior to fall term  and must sign official agreements.
  2. FOCUS GATHERING AT LOGANVILLE K-12: All Loganville K-12 (Thursday) middle school or high school students registered in a class, lunch and/or study hall adjacent to the 11:15-11:30 FOCUS gathering ("a time to reflect and reset FOCUS on Christ"), are required to attend the FOCUS gathering.
  3. SPECIAL NEEDS: Although we are not specifically equipped to serve children with special needs, we welcome any special needs child(ren) to participate in classes as long as the parents attend classes with them each week or provide a supervisory person to help the child one-on-one as needed throughout class times. Other special needs will be addressed by the site director on a case-by-case basis.
  4. DRESS CODE: Uniforms are required at SA Prep only, and consist of SA t-shirts and nice pants (no rips, tears, writing, etc.) or skirts (optional for girls). For all other campuses, please be considerate to comply with these minimal rules (for both students and parent assistants):
  1. Caps or hats covering eyes or face are not allowed.
  2. Shorts and/or skirts of 6th grade and older should reach fingertips with hands to sides.
  3. All attire shall be modest & appropriate as to skin shown and printed messages on clothing.

MS/HS students and parents should refer to Code of Conduct and Discipline Contract for further Dress Code specificity.

  1. ILLNESS: For the health of all families (including yours), please adhere to the following guidelines when making a decision to bring your child if there is any question about fever or illness. Some campuses have children with compromised immune systems (and being respectful to other students in general), we ask parents to always err on the side of caution in this matter.
  1. General Illness: Please keep your child home if, within 24 hours of class, they have a fever*, contagious infection, disease, rash, diarrhea, vomiting or other unknown condition. If any of these symptoms occur during classes, you will be notified by the site director and will be expected to pick up your child as soon as possible. Once the student is confirmed to be free of communicable illness by a healthcare provider OR is fever-free and symptom-free for 24 hours without taking anti-fever medications, the student may attend class as normal.

    *The AAP suggests keeping a child home with a fever of 100.4 or higher with symptoms, or 101.0 or higher without symptoms OR behavioral changes.
  2. COVID-19: SA will follow these linked 2020-21 COVID-19 Policies & Procedures. See also paragraph #14 for SA's policy on cleaning campuses and classrooms.
  1. CLEANING AND HEALTH MEASURES: SA administration, instructors, and designated parent assistants will disinfectant/sanitize classroom and campus surfaces, handles, and shared objects regularly throughout the day, using directions printed on disinfectant labels to ensure proper use. Students will be reminded to wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer frequently and especially after blowing nose/coughing/sneezing, even after they cover their mouth and nose if/when sneezing or coughing. Students will be sent home if it appears they have any flu-like symptoms or fever (see paragraph 13a).
  2. PRESCHOOL/PRE-K TOILET TRAINING REQUIREMENT: All children attending classes must be potty trained. There are guidelines for changing and disposing of diapers when children are being changed in a classroom and Summit Academy is not equipped to take on that task. If your child is still using a pull up type training pant, you must take your child to the bathroom prior to classes starting. There will be opportunity to use the bathroom between classes and, of course, any time a child asks during class time as well. We understand young children have occasional accidents, but if accidents happen on a regular basis, you will be contacted by the site director to figure out a solution, which may include you staying near enough the site location to be called to handle whatever future accidents may happen.
  3. BATHROOM/CHANGING ROOMS POLICY: Notwithstanding any other policy, student restrooms, locker rooms, and changing room areas designated for physical education, theatrical productions and so on, shall be provided by school personnel to provide separate, private areas for use by students, and these facilities will be monitored by SA administration and/or instructors.
  4. SAFETY AND SECURITY: To maintain the utmost safety and security for all students, parents, and teachers, the following rules apply:
  1. No students on church campus unless actively enrolled or approved for a study hall segment. Church facilities provide classroom spaces, and in consideration of their property and for liability purposes, there will be no use of spaces other than for classes. Students should never be left unattended, nor should they be found wandering anywhere on the property.
  2. Absolutely no use of church playground or playground equipment for any reason or by anyone. This is extremely important for insurance & liability issues.
  3. Zero tolerance for any type of weapons, including, but not limited to, pocket knives.
  4. No car lines for pick up or drop off. Parents will drive slowly & carefully into parking spaces in assigned areas per campus, then walk elementary students to their first class, entering the building through the designated doorway per site director’s instructions. MS/HS students may enter/exit buildings without parental escorts. SA instructors or parent assistants will guide students between classes (parents should provide schedules on index cards). Parents will then pick up elementary students from the door of the last class taken. Parents will provide a list of adults allowed to pick up their students. Driver’s licenses of ANY adult picking up a student may be checked per the site director’s discretion for security purposes, particularly in the case of Preschool/Pre-K students.
  5. Summit Academy ID cards. Summit Academy will issue ID cards to all parents, instructors, and registered MS/HS students. No ID cards will be issued to elementary students, as parents are required to walk them into their first class and out of facility from last class. Doors will be locked on all campuses and entry is limited to those with current Summit Academy ID cards. Any visitor requesting entrance to campus buildings must check in with site director, show ID (such as driver’s license), and receive a dated visitor pass.
  6. Absolutely NO TEENAGE DRIVERS driving or parking beyond the assigned paved area near the entrance of a host building. Please ask site director where teens are allowed to drive and park so they are not in areas where children may be walking to or from cars. Teens must show a valid driver’s license to site director.
  7. No visitors allowed on campus for any reason without permission, other than students’ parents. Driver I.D.’s will be checked at will by administrative supervisors and/or instructors for protection of students.
  8. All parents should be aware of Security Measures on “Schedule 1” of this document for any possible crisis situation.
  1. DISCIPLINE, SUSPENSION AND EXPULSION: Summit Academy Behavior and Discipline Policy, on “Schedule 2” of this document, should be read carefully, as suspension and/or expulsion from Summit Academy could occur if parents and/or students fail to comply with policies. If a student has been suspended and/or expelled from any program and/or school other than SA, whether public, private, or home education group, Director Jill Butcher must be notified and given documentation (if any occurred) and contact information of official/appointed person to such school/program, to avoid any future conflict or unacceptable behavior. Those who have such information and withhold it will be reported to appropriate authorities.
  2. SCHOOL CALENDAR/CANCELLATION POLICY: SA calendar is updated on the website Calendar page. It is parents’ responsibility to check the calendar regularly for schedules, special events, family nights, registration price increase dates, etc. In the case of inclement weather, parents will be emailed no later than 8:00 AM on the day in question. (We do not always adhere to the county public schools' decisions.) In case of inclement weather caused by hurricanes, we will adhere to county public schools’ decisions. Please follow the county call in which your  campus is located. Our school calendar lists makeup days (1 for the fall term, 1 for the spring term) in the event we need to cancel classes during the term.
  3. NOTIFICATION OF ABSENCES OR CHANGE IN DROP OFF/PICK UP ARRANGEMENTS: If a child will be absent (planned), dropped off, or picked up at an unusual time, or brought by someone other than normal, parents must email instructors and site directors in advance of such absences or changes. If a child will be absent (unplanned), parents should email instructors and site directors as soon as possible.
  4. MODIFICATIONS: We may modify any of these Policies & Procedures at any time at our sole discretion and for the continued protection and benefit of our students, instructors, and school. In such event, you will be notified by email. Your continued participation in SA following the posting of the change notice will indicate your agreement to the changes.



Security Measures


If Summit Academy (SA) is alerted by any law enforcement that there is danger in the area (e.g. escaped prisoner, mentally ill patient, etc), all buildings go on immediate LOCK DOWN. Site administrator will ensure doors are locked, then discreetly let teachers know to continue classes and routine as much as is normally possible, explaining the basic information given by law enforcement. NO student may exit the building until a "clearance" has been given.


If alert given by law enforcement is of minimum security risks, lead administrators will stand guard @ each entrance/exit door (1 per building per campus), communicating with one another while others (teachers and students) remain in session inside. Head administrator on campus will greet each adult driving up on campus, briefing them of the situation at hand, explaining that if they choose to go inside, they need to remain inside.


If alert given by law enforcement is of maximum security risks (e.g. person armed and dangerous), SA is to observe LOCK DOWN AND SECURE STUDENTS IN ROOMS, meaning move all students away from doors and windows so they cannot be seen from outside by anyone. Whether law enforcement can remain on campus with SA faculty and students or not, all parents will be notified immediately whether on campus and/or via phone calls and/or emails of any pending danger. If the area is secure enough, only parents of children/students inside will be permitted to enter classrooms, but not allowed to leave until "clearance" has been given.


Of course, in ANY dangerous situation, police will be notified by SA, if SA has not already been notified by police. Administrators will communicate as continuously as possible with law enforcement (and time permitting, parents as well) during any crisis that may arise while classes are being conducted.




Summit Academy Behavior and Discipline Policy


The purpose of Summit Academy is to honor and glorify God and serve families. Teachers agree to create an atmosphere of respect and discipline among their students, and students who do not comply with and cooperate in this atmosphere are encouraged to change their behavior or asked to leave class(es).


Several areas in particular merit disciplinary action and/or dismissal from classes:


1.     Use of church property: Classes are held in good faith that those involved will respect and preserve the campus and its furnishings. Any misuse of property will require parents of guilty students to pay for repairs and/or replacements needed. After such an occurrence, students may be asked to leave classes held at the host church depending on the seriousness or frequency of the infraction.

2.     Behavior as an enrolled Summit Academy Student: All students should conduct themselves among teachers and peers respectfully, dress modestly, and respond appropriately to all direction, correction and/or conflict. The primary purpose of classes is to instruct students in various subjects, and any behavior that distracts any student from learning, whether during or between classes, may be questioned and addressed by the instructors. Any communication, whether electronic, verbal, body language, or any other threatening type of behavior, *bullying on and/or off campus that would affect student safety, is subject to correction and possible dismissal of students from the program.

a)     If any offense is corrected by an adult, students will either change their behavior or be asked to leave classes. This behavior includes how adults or students are respected, types of clothing worn, and other matters that may distract from the learning and/or moral environment. Correction will be given as follows:  

  1. quietly/discreetly redirect student in class (1-3 times, depending on severity of behavior, amount of distraction being caused, and correction needed) and resume teaching
  2. ask PA to speak with student outside classroom door and review appropriate behavior in group setting; student returns to class with amended behavior
  3. if student continues to disobey instructor and distract from lesson, PA will escort student to administrative desk to discuss problem and decide plan of action to re-enter class; parent should be notified of incident the same day via email by instructor with administration included
  4. if administration deems it necessary, parents will be called and students will be dismissed from campus for the day (if the offender is a teenage driver, they will be asked to leave campus, letting the parents of that student know that they have been asked to leave)
  5. if repeated acts of disobedience occur, the student may be suspended from class for one week or up to the duration of the term

b)     If you are a returning family to the SA program and there have been any issues in the past with frequent tardiness, disruptive or disrespectful behavior, failure to complete assignments, timely payments to instructors, and/or lack of payments through a term and/or year, you will be notified of your probationary status (which might include additional fees and/or conditions) OR termination of participation in any Summit Academy campus.

c)     If you are new to the SA program and begin to violate your agreement with any policies with which you agree to comply on this form, probationary status may be applied to you and/or your student(s) may be dismissed from the program at any time.

3.     Timely drop off and pick up of students by parents: Promptness is a habit we encourage! When dropping off students, please do not leave them in the classroom until the instructor is ready to assume responsibility for them. Parents must pick up students within 5 minutes of the end of student’s last class. Summit Academy cannot regularly supervise your students between or after classes, out of respect to the church staff and Summit Academy instructors. Continued violation (3 or more times) of prompt pick up times will result in a fee of $5/30 min for childcare/supervision. Parents who do not arrange pickup of their students may be asked to leave the program due to safety and monitoring issues. If a study hall supervisor is unavailable to watch a student waiting to be picked up, that student may have to stay with a campus administrator wherever they may be on campus until their parent can be found. If there is an emergency wherein parents cannot make it back to campus in time to pick up their student, an administrator should be called ASAP, near the conclusion of the class to let administration know of the parent(s)’ delayed arrival:

Auburn — Margaret Diaz (912-224-3889)
Conyers/Covington — Christa Whitaker (404-468-4950)
Lawrenceville — Carrie Cooke (678-886-9879)
Loganville K-12 — Jill Butcher (770-654-3327) or Sonya Weese (770-508-5412)
SA Prep — Erin Duke (678-977-6138)
Summit T-38 — Samantha Sehr (605-610-5758)
Watkinsville — Angela Harrison (404-606-2697)
Winder/Bethlehem — Jill Butcher (770-654-3327)

Please do NOT call host church building offices!


*Bullying:  any willful attempt or threat to inflict injury on another person, accompanied by an ability to do so.