Alleria Windrunner


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


The oldest of the Windrunner sisters, Alleria served Quel’Thalas with honor and distinction. When the horde invaded Lordaeron, it was she that defied her people’s decision not to help, leading her rangers to Southshore to quell the oncoming storm. Here she met and fell in love with Turalyon, one of the original paladins. Following the death of 18 of her kin, including her younger brother, when the Horde marched on Quel’Thalas itself, she turned away from the arms of Turalyon, devoting herself to vengeance as her sister, Sylvanas, would do later.

In her rage, she decimated the Bleeding Hollow Clan and was more than willing to lead her rangers into the Dark Portal to exterminate the orcs once and for all. However, while there, she realized there was more to the fighting than vengeance. Returning to the side of her love, she let go of blind vengeance to pursue the safekeeping of her home world at all costs. Though the two disappeared following the events on Draenor, rumors swirl, hinting that they are still alive though neither has been found.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Ranger”

The Elven Rangers pursuit of mastery in Longbow, Marksmanship, and Scouting make them more rugged and even deadlier than other elves— traits for which they are greatly feared amongst their enemies. Alliaria would be a deadly assassin in the nexus calling on all of these traits to assist her in battle. Her trait “Ranger” allows her to fire her basic attacks from a mounted position. If she uses an ability or is struck by an enemy she will dismount.

Mount-  Black Jaguar (no… not the car)

Q- “Marked for the Kill” (Longbow)

This ability allows Alleria to select a target and mark them “For the Kill”. After this happens every 3 seconds Alleria will fire 3 arcane arrows that deal heavy damage to the target. She will continue to launch these arrows at the player until they die or leave the range of the ability. Here is the kicker… she can move and use this ability at the same time. This ability can be talented into later in the game to give an attack bonus for friendly heroes that attack the same target.

W- “Eagle Eye” (Scouting)

This ability allows her to aim her long bow to the sky and fire a shot at a targeted global location. This magical arrow gives the friendly team sight of the area and reveals all stealthed heroes. (similar to the eagle eye ability hunters have in WoW)

E- “Misdirect” (Marksmanship)

Alleria selects a target friendly player and makes them with Misdirection. This player will take all the damage that is dealt to Alleria for a short amount of time. Alleria is not unstoppable during this time but if attacked with an ability the ability affects will go on the marked player. (example: CC or slowing effects)

Heroic 1- “Stampede”

This ability will release all the powers of the wild upon the enemy. When selected Alleria will call forth and a stampede of animals will charge forward in a selected direction and deal massive amounts of damage during its duration. The animals will stampede in this direction for a set amount of time and if enemy players don't leave the area they will continue to take large amounts of damage.

Heroic 2- “Binding Shot”

Ah ha! Another awesome hunter ability from WoW. This ability will launch an arrow into the ground at a selected location. Once it hits the ground it will explode with chains that will connect all enemy heroes to this magical glowing arrowhead. These players are now tied to the location- if they exceed the distance allowed from the arrow they will be stunned.

Specialty Skin

        Mars Attacks Alleria


        Eagle Dance (Known by the public as the Chicken Dance)

Kristen’s Choices






It Takes Two

With years of working with Turalyon, Alleria has learned that there is strength in a good partnership. When laning with one other Hero, Alleria’s damage is buffed.



                Moves as though wind.



Alleria throws out a bolas that ties an enemy Hero to another nearby enemy unit, structure or piece of the terrain, locking them into place and dealing damage. If there is nothing nearby, the bolas slows instead of rooting.


Precision Shot

Instead of many quick small shots, Alleria prefers to aim twice and fire once. When activated, Alleria chooses a target enemy and fires an arrow that deals massive damage once it hits.


What’s In a Name

Named Windrunner for a reason, Alleria activates this ability to give herself increased movement and attack speed. Due to this speed, she is also harder to hit with basic attacks, reducing enemy basic attack hit chance by 50%.


Vengeful Solace (Passive)

Alleria decides that this battle is one of vengeance. When activated, Alleria replaces her current trait with one where she does extra damage when by herself. It can also now be activated to provide her with mana should she need it.


        Gem and the Holograms

It is said that Alleria once had a necklace comprised of three gemstones. She now has this relic restored to its former glory. When activated, she gains the powers of the three windrunner sisters in one massive zone. For Sylvanas, all are silenced. For Vereesa, a party buff is bestowed, increasing speed. For Alleria, the more enemies in the zone the more damage attacks do.


        Alleria Rexxar

Though she doesn’t have a bear, she does adorn herself in the skins of her past quarry.



A little dance similar to what the flowers do in Fantasia during The Nutcracker Suite.