¿Quién es la Señora Hill?

     My junior year of high school, I decided to leave the country for a year to be an exchange student through Rotary Club to Brazil.  After a year abroad studying Portuguese there, I returned to California and studied Spanish.  As a senior in high school I decided I wanted to be a high school Spanish teacher.  While in college at UC Davis, I spent 3 months in Spain and several weeks in Mexico and Honduras.  

     I graduated from UC Davis with a BA in Spanish in 2004.  I then earned my Single Subject Teaching Credential from CSUS.  I did my student teaching at Luther Burbank High School and was hired in the fall of 2005 at Granite Bay High School.  I have been teaching here ever since. In 2007 and 2009 I took small groups of GBHS students to Costa Rica.  I teach all levels of Spanish from Spanish 1 to AP Spanish. I love my job!

     Outside of teaching, I enjoying spending time with my family.  I have boy/girl twins in kindergarten and a 1-year old baby boy.  They fill my life with excitement and fun!  I also enjoy taking walks with my dog, Romeo.

     Something my students always ask me... "Does Señor Hill speak Spanish?"  No, he does not.  We are high school sweethearts.  He took French in high school.  Another common question, "Are you teaching your children how to speak Spanish?"  Yes and no.  I read some books to them in Spanish and I'm teaching them the basics like colors, body parts, and clothing.  However, I do not exclusively talk to them in Spanish.   

How did Sra. Hill learn Spanish?

School and... TRAVEL!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1999

Bilbao, Spain 2002

Roatan, Honduras 2002

Guanajuato, Mexico 2006

Costa Rica 2007 & 2009

La Esperanza, Mexico 2010