‘How-to Guide’ to gather your own

Local Psychedelic Community

from the creators of Aware Project: Rethinking Psychedelics


Mission: FIND THE OTHERS! You are not alone!

We are out there probing the edges of human consciousness and perception, but how many of us are really out there? Let’s find out?! If you can’t find a psychedelic society in you local area, start your own. It’s not hard! Follow our simple suggestions to get started:

Content/Speaker Ideas

Event Production Checklist

Fostering the Space

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Integration Support

Often times people seek out community is because they need support after a big experience. If you do not have any mental health professional in your community, you can form a Peer-Support Group and come together and just talk and share. Sometimes all that is needed is to have someone listen and not feel alone in the experience. As your community grows, you will likely find that people in therapeutic professions will join and can be local resources. If anyone in your support group needs more advanced support there are several groups around the country that provide phone/Skype counseling and coaching:

[Southern California and Remote Counseling] InnerSpace Integration a network of credentialed therapists and counselors committed to supporting individuals with their personal transformation, empowering them with useful tools, and easing the process of integration back into daily life.


psychedelic times

[Northern California and Remote Counseling] In addition to being a news source for the latest psychedelic research, we offer a variety of psychedelic therapy services to support you on your journey. As recovery coaches, the co-founders of Psychedelic Times have fifteen years of experience with psychedelics and three years of studying psychedelic therapy. They have firsthand experience with the struggles and tragedies of addiction as well as the beneficial role that psychedelics can play in turning a person’s life around. Read more about our services to find which one is the right fit for you.

COL logo

[New York City] The Center for Optimal Living provides innovative, personalized treatment, based on Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, for individuals and families with substance use issues, other risky or addictive behaviors, and a wide range of mental health issues.


[East Coast] The mission of The Aftercare Project is to offer a structured safety net for those participants who need more than what is available through the retreat center. We will connect them with an understanding therapist, and help our partners to develop integrative techniques and training protocols to support both participants and their caregivers, as they move forward on their healing journey.

Being True to You

[Remote Counseling] Being True to You provide addiction recovery coaching to teens, young adults, and parents developed as the long-term continuum of care over the 1 to 3 years it takes to transcend addiction. BTTY recognizes the transformational power of entheogenic plant medicines as tools for healing, resolution, and growth.