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League night is Tuesday

Committee members of the Horsham and District Bar Billiards League:

President...........Rod Tarratt

Chairman...........Graham Sparksman

Deputy Chairman.......Stephen Hopkins

Hon. Treasurer.......Steve King

General Secretary.....Ian Giffen

Competitions Secretary.....Stephen Hopkins

Committee of playing members……..Paul Jobbins, Ben Procter.

Life Vice-Presidents......Brian Howard, Mick Holmwood, Clive and Margo Thompson, Graham Sparksman. 

Interleague Captain.........Ben Procter 

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List of all known bar billiards venues in the UK together with the AEBBA's map showing their locations :


* Find your favourite local by clicking on this link here or HERE.

The current venues that are in the Horsham & District Bar Billiards League are:

Social Clubs. (Club members or guests only)

1. Roffey Cricket Club, Crawley Road, Horsham, W.Sussex RH12 4HE Phone no: 01403 260775  website 

2. Roffey Social and Sports Club, Spooners Rd Horsham RH12 4DY Phone no: 01403 210223 (2 teams, also in Billingshurst League)  website

Public Houses. (See photo gallery below) 

3. Limeburners Arms, Lordings Lane, Newbridge, Billingshurst RH14 9JA Phone no: 01403 782311 (Also in Billingshurst League)  website

4. The Plough, Leechpool Hill, Lower Beeding, Horsham RH13 6LT Phone no: 01403 891277       details

5. Ye Olde Stout House, The Carfax, Horsham .RH12 1EE  Phone no: 01403 267777 (Also in Billingshurst League)  website

6. Windmill, Gossops Drive, Gossops Green, Crawley RH11 8HQ  Phone no: 01293 270249 (Also in Mid Sussex League)   website

Pictured from l to r, the six venues of the Horsham League: Roffey CC, Roffey SSC, Limeburners, Plough, Stout House and Windmill Crawley.


A history of the venues - past and present..............

Below is a full list of teams which have competed in the Horsham & District Bar Billiards League since 1963, along with the season in which they last participated. Those in red are still going, and pictured above. The longest established venue is the Plough (Lower Beeding) which can trace its origins back to being one of the League’s founder members in September 1949.  However the single team with the longest unbroken stint of service is Roffey H (formerly the Holbrook Club and before that Sunallon Club) which - though these days replenished with new blood - has been going since 1968 ! - Clive Thompson, Aug 2016.

A) Horsham pubs


(H & G) Roamers     1964/65    closed 2008, now a Japanese restaurant                  picture


(Star) Roffey Old Boys 1964/65  renamed Fitzalan Arms, now reverted back      still trading


Anchor B  1964/65              now a restaurant                      pictures


St Leonards Arms  1965/66    closed in 2006, now a Tescos Express                  picture


Swan  1965/66 demolished 1973 to make way for Swan Walk Shopping Mall  blurb     picture   


Shelley (B/Heath) B  1966/67                still trading


Gardeners Arms  1969/70    closed in 1970 and demolished           picture


Star (Roffey)  1969/70    renamed Fitzalan Arms, now reverted back            still trading


Blue Bells (℅ Bell)   1971/72        demolished for town centre redevelopment          picture


White Hart A  1973/74           closed         picture


White Hart B  1973/74           closed          picture


Horse & Groom Ladies  1975/76   closed 2008, now a Japanese restaurant                picture        


Michell B  1977/78   renamed the Malt Shovel            still trading


Three Bees (c/o Hurst Arms)  1977/78  Hurst renamed Black Jug     still trading


Michell A  1978/79    renamed the Malt Shovel           still trading

Anchor A  1979/80                                 now a restaurant                      pictures


Hurst Arms  1980/81    renamed the Black Jug         still trading 


Nelson  1980/81          closed        for housing development          picture


Queens Head B  1980/81                          closed


Station Hotel 1980/81                  still trading


Coot B  1982/83   renamed Merry Monk, now reverted back      still trading


Queens Head A  1982/83                      closed 


Bell A  1983/84                demolished for town centre redevelopment          picture               


Bell C  1984/85                demolished for town centre redevelopment                picture


Coot A  1984/85    renamed Merry Monk, now reverted back        still trading


Shelley (B/Heath) A  1984/85             still trading


Bell B  1987/88                demolished for town centre redevelopment                    picture   


Green Dragon B  1989/90  renamed the Olive Branch, primarily a food house        still trading


The 'Brook  1990/91   (℅ Hornbrook)                  still trading


Horse & Groom A  1991/92       closed 2008, now a Japanese restaurant                  picture


Horse & Groom B  1991/92      closed 2008, now a Japanese restaurant                 picture                         


Rising Sun B  1994/95                                           closed


Fitzalan Arms A  1996/97   previously The Star, now reverted back           still trading


Foresters B  1996/97                                                still trading


Fitzalan Arms B  1998/99   previously The Star, now reverted back           still trading


Dog & Bacon  1999/00                                        still trading


Tanners B(ells)  2000/01                closed in 2015, up for sale         picture


Green Dragon A  2001/02     renamed the Olive Branch. primarily a food house     still trading


Hornbrook A  2001/02                    still trading


Tanners A  2001/02                closed in 2015, up for sale         picture


Hornbrook B  2002/03                    still trading


Fountain B  2003/04             closed 2015,  to be demolished for housing     picture


Norfolk B  2003/04                         still trading


Foresters A  2004/05                                          still trading


Rising Sun A  2004/05                                        closed


Norfolk A  2008/09                         still trading


Fountain A  2009/10             closed 2015,  to be demolished for housing     picture


Stout House BB 2015/16           still trading, see above


Stout House A


B) Horsham clubs


Sunallon B  1975/76  renamed the Holbrook Club            still trading


Pump Room Club  1976/77          now River Kwai Thai restaurant                  picture


RAFA B  1981/82                   still trading


RAFA A  1987/88                    still trading


Horsham YMCA FC B  1991/92               still trading


Holbrook Club B  2006/07  team moved to Roffey Club                 still trading


Horsham YMCA FC A  2006/07                      still trading


Roffey SSC A  2007/08    still trading, see above


Roffey SSC B  2011/12   still trading, see above


Sunallon A/ Holbrook Club A  2012/13               still trading


Roffey Club Y (ex-YMCA)


Roffey Club H (ex-Holbrook)


Roffey Cricket Club (ex-Dun Horse A)


C) Cranleigh/Alfold/Loxwood (NW of Horsham)


Bush (Plaistow)  1963/64  no longer a pub, now the Bush House B & B     picture


Foresters (Kirdford)  1968/69                        still trading


Fox & Hounds B  1971/72          closed, now a private dwelling                  picture 


Three Compasses A  1974/75                    still trading        website


Fox & Hounds A  1976/77           closed, now a private dwelling                  picture 


Mucky Duck (Tismans Common)  1976/77                                    still trading


Three Compasses C  1977/78                   still trading          website


White Hart (Cran) B  1982/83                   still trading           website


Bat and Ball  1982/83      re-opened as The Wisborough, now reverting back       still trading


Onslow Arms (Loxwood) 1984/85                                    still trading


Three Compasses B  1984/85                 still trading             website


Ewhurst VC A  1987/88                       still trading


Ewhurst VC B  1987/88                       still trading


Alfold SC  1987/88               still trading           website  (pic shows club in distance)


Crown (Alfold)  1991/92                   closed in 2009, now in residential use                  picture


Dukes Head (Beare Green)  1995/96                 still trading


White Hart (Cran) A  1995/96                          still trading         website


Cricketers (W/Gn)  1996/97                           still trading


Cranleigh RBL  1997/98          now incorporated in the Village S & SC    still trading


D) Crawley, Faygate and Handcross (N & E of Horsham)


Holmbush B  1972/73                                 still trading


Holmbush A  1973/74                                   still trading


Cherry Tree C  1985/86                           still trading


Jolly Tanners (Staplefield)  1990/91             still trading


Plough (Three Bridges)  1991/92               still trading


Greyhound (Tinsley Green)  1992/93              still trading


Rowfant House  1992/93                    closed


Windmill (Cy) A//Black Dog  2000/01  Windmill still trading(see above); Black Dog still trading


Crawley Club B  2002/03               closed 2012      picture


Cherry Tree A  2002/03                         still trading


Cherry Tree B  2002/03                           still trading


Fountain (Handcross)  2002/03           demolished in 2012 for housing development       picture     


Windmill (Cy) B  2003/04        still trading, see above


Handcross Millers  2006/07                        still trading

Handcross SC  2008/09                           still trading


Crawley Club A/Three Bridges CC   2011/12     Crawley Club closed, TBCC still trading   


Mill House (Ifield)  2013/14              closed 2013         picture

Black Dog/ Plough(Three Bridges) (ex-CC)  2013/14 Black Dog still trading Plough still trading

Windmill GG (ex-Mill House) 2017/08        still trading, see above              


Windmill CC (ex-Crawley Club)


E) Villages south of Horsham, east of A24


Station (Henfield)  1963/64       renamed the Cat & Canary  - still trading


Red Lion Rovers  1971/72       renamed the Coach House prior to closure in 2013           picture


Station (Partridge Green)  1971/72    renamed the Partridge           still trading


George A  (Henfield) 1973/74                                              still trading


George B  (Henfield) 1973/74                                            still trading


Green Man B  1976/77                                      still trading


White Horse (Maplehurst)  1982/83                             still trading


Tabby Cat (W.G)  1982/83   closed, converted to a Little Chef  now The Orchard restaurant


Red Lion B  1985/86       renamed the Coach House prior to closure in 2013           picture


Red Lion A  1986/87        renamed the Coach House prior to closure in 2013           picture


Crabtree C  1987/88                        still trading


Green Man A  1987/88                                         still trading


Windmill (Lit) C  1987/88                                       still trading, see above


Queens Head (Bolney)  1989/90      closed in 2000, now in residential use                  picture  


Eight Bells B  1991/92                        still trading


Eight Bells A  1992/93                         still trading


Partridge B  1992/93                             still trading

Crabtree A  1993/94                                 still trading


Crabtree B/(Ploughmen)  1993/94                still trading


Wheatsheaf (P/Plain)  1994/95                      still trading


Three Bees (c/o Green Man)  1994/95           Green Man still trading


Shaves Thatch (Woodmancote) 1997/98   renamed the Ginger Fox   picture


Partridge A  2001/02                         still trading


Bridge House (Copsale)  2004/05              closed in 2008                 picture


Hare & Hounds  2007/08                      still trading


Plough B  2010/11                                             still trading, see above


Dun Horse B  2013/14                                      closed                    

Windmill (Lit) A  2014/15                                    still trading


Dun Horse A  2014/15                                        closed


Windmill (Lit) B  2015/16                                     still trading


Bull (Shermanbury)  2016/17                                     still trading


Plough A


F) Villages south of Horsham, west of A24


Cock (Southwater)  1963/64                       still trading


Kings Arms B (Bil.)  1964/65                                 still trading


Arun (Pulborough)  1964/65    closed in the 1990s. Redeveloped as town houses in 1999.     picture


Blacksmiths A (Shipley) 1964/65     renamed The Countryman - still trading


(Rising Sun)Nutbourne Forresters  1966/67               still trading


Kings Arms (Bil.) A  1967/68                                      still trading


Blacksmiths B (Shipley) 1967/68           renamed The Countryman - still trading


White Lion A  1970/71                               still trading


White Lion B  1970/71                                still trading


Five Oaks A  1976/77                      closed                picture               


Six Bells A  1977/78                        still trading


Five Oaks Ladies  1978/79               closed                    picture


Six Bells C  1980/81                           still trading           


Six Bells B  1981/82                           still trading           


White Horse (Bury)  1982/83      renamed the Squire and Horse    still trading


Queens Head (W.Chil)  1983/84                  still trading


Southwater SC B  1984/85                 still trading


Five Bells (W.Chil) B  1987/88             still trading


Five Bells (W.Chil) A  1988/89             still trading


Railway B  1989/90                           still trading              website


Five Oaks B  1991/92                      closed                    picture


Railway A  1991/92                            still trading          website


George & Dragon B  1993/94                          still trading


Crown (Dial Post)  1993/94               still trading


Queens Head (Barns Green)  1994/95                 still trading

Ashington SC  1995/96                  now Ashington Village Club      still trading


Blue Ship  2000/01                            still trading         website


Limeburners B  2000/01                               still trading, see above


Oddfellows Arms  2003/04                  still trading


George & Dragon A  2005/06                          still trading


Southwater SC A   2015/16               still trading  


Limeburners A