Grading Policy:

Grades will be posted periodically on SchoolBrains.  Parents/guardians should email Mrs. Weise ( with any questions/concerns well before the last week of the term.

-  85% Assessments: Tests, Quizzes, Projects, Open Response, Assignments Graded for Accuracy

- 15% Effort in the form of Daily Homework & Classwork

        Homework from the book or worksheets:


Khan Academy:

- No extra credit is given

Bookwork & Worksheet Requirements (to obtain 100% credit):

If Absent or out of class for some other reason (guidance, band, chorus, sports, etc.):

If Absent cont.:

Class Rules (support a safe and focused learning environment):

Specific Procedures & Expectations (in addition to class rules):

At Start of Class:

Teacher needs everyone’s attention:

At the end of class:


Sharpening Pencils:

Need to borrow Supplies:

Forgot to write down homework:

Consequences for Poor Behavior Choices:

1) Reminder of Expectation (Verbal Warning)

2) Orange card (final warning/visual reminder to be respectful)

3) Teacher Session (during lunch or after school) – if after school, parents will be notified in writing at least one day in advance

4) Removal from class and/or administrative action for repeat offenders or serious violation

Tips for Success: