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Megaphone Studio: Director Upgrade - March 2017

Megaphone has released an upgraded Director with new features designed to give operations staff a better understanding of what's happening at any given moment during a Megaphone run.

The Director's playlist contains the bulk of the new features. Old and new versions of the playlist are shown below.

Old Playlist

New Playlist

At a glance, the playlists look similar, but there are some important differences. Let's take a look...

Scene Title

The new Scene Title shows what's happening right now. For example, if a poll is currently in progress, the Scene Title shows:

When the polls are closed and no more votes can be accepted the Scene Title shows:

If your show includes a quiz, and the quiz is over, the Scene Title will show the names of the various "quiz wrapup" screens. For example, when the scoreboard appears, the Scene Title will show:

Smart Advance Button

The "Advance" button now describes what will happen next if you press it. For example, at the beginning of a run, the Advance button will now show:

During a poll, the Advance button will show:

During a quiz, the Advance button will show:

If the current poll is closed and there are more scenes ahead in the playlist, the Advance button will show:

Green, Red, and Yellow Highlights

We've added green, red, and yellow highlights to indicate what type of content is currently active, as follows:

Green = Interactive

When the current scene contains interactivity, the playlist highlight is GREEN.

Red = Interactivity Finished

When the current scene's interactivity is complete (e.g., a poll is closed), the playlist highlight is RED.

Yellow = Non-Interactive

When the current scene is not interactive (e.g., Tweet to TV or Bulletin), the playlist highlight is YELLOW.

No Pause/Resume Button When You Don't Need It

If the current scene doesn't have a timed countdown, the Pause/Resume button will be hidden.

We'd Love to Hear From You!

If you have any questions or feedback, please email

We hope you like the new Director!