Serveporto Shipping Agency

The Serveporto shipping agency is working in northern Brazil since 2010, providing to our clients the best work and experience for all kind of vessel’s call, our services are beyond of vessel’s port stay, as charterer and protective agents.

Our commercial front is situated at southeast of Brazil for an effective approach with our potential clients in this important commercial area, with focus in development and establish a strong link between an important commercial area and a promising region.

The Serveporto differential is that we work in all ports of northern region and we are part of a port’s services group, acting in cooperation to offer to our clients agility with all services as linesman, launch for berthing/unberthing maneuvers, transportation, etc. We are a flexible company providing to our clients the opportunity to fix packages of all involved service with vessel’s call and reducing costs.

Acting Areas

We have structured offices at the ports of Vila do Conde, Belem, Santarem/Juruti, Macapa/Santana/Munguba, Manaus/Itacoatiara and Sao Luis/Itaqui.


As pioneers in the use of cloud computer and post-PC devices on all ports in which we operate, we are connected to the best global technology partner, Google. Working with online documents and lineups, photographic and video reports, giving to our clients and our team the best ways and facilities of access in real time, with all necessary security.

We are fully committed to meeting your needs, tell us!

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Tv. 16 de Abril, Quadra 326, lote 56, Barcarena-Pa. 68447-000. Phone / Fax  (55) 91 3754-0789 / 3754-4122

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