Student Activities


Chromebook Orientation Activities for Students

This is a set of orientation activities for students to complete in order to learn about their Lenovo Yoga 11e Thinkpad Chromebooks. It consists of ten suggested tasks, each linked to a separate video that demonstrates how to complete the activities in the task.

Teachers, you can lead your students through this as a whole group activity or opt to allow them to work at their own pace. If they work individually, we suggest that you encourage them to bring and use headphones.



Introductory Resources

Update your Chromebook pdf directions

Getting Started with Your Chromebook by ChromeStory

Chromebook 101 - Thinglink resource about Chromebook

Keyboard Shortcuts - A list of keystrokes to use as shortcuts.

Google Cast for Education works better than Reflector to wirelessly project your Chromebook

Apps and Extensions

Article and infographic about the differences between Chrome Apps, Extensions, and Add-ons

RCPS Chrome Extension list - An extensive list of useful Chrome Extensions

Student instructions for using Kami on Chromebooks

Accessibility Resources for Chrome

World Language Chrome Resources

Note to RCPS Teachers:

Teachers may install apps and extensions in their Chrome browsers and on their Chromebooks.

Students may install apps and extensions that are specifically whitelisted.

Classroom Ideas and Uses

SMART Learning Suite-convert your Google Slides, pdfs, or share your SMART Notebook files with students to interact or annotate over work on the Chromebook or ipad using SMART Suite!

Chromebooks in the Classroom by Kathy Schrock

Infographics by Tony Vincent (“Show What You Know”)

Clay Reisler (“Top Tech Tools: Chromebook vs. iPad”)

WeVideo Tutorial