Neverwinter New Player Tips

by straylight

GT: Bucc Up Jesse

        Hey guys so I’m making this only because I’ve been helping out a lot of newer players lately and just to give tips I’ve learned over the game. I’m not BIS, but have learned a bunch.

BIO: I main a 3.5 HR and 2.6 GF (got it to 2.5 in 2days). Im in Poison Clan which is apart of the best alliance in the game, The Nation Alliance. Been playing for 4 months.

This doesn’t explain everything and my grammar is probably bad but doing it as fast as I can because I am lazy af. Im just listing what I can think of.

Pre-Level 70

- Save your AD. I’d only suggest purchasing a mount (preferably epic off zen market because its account wide) and the enscorcelled weapons for your character. Other than just use the gear you pick up off the game.

- check out and look at a build, Have an idea what you want to do with your character at 70. I personally did whatever would help me get through content faster and respeced at 70.

- Make sure to do 2 dungeons and 2 skirmishes for daily AD

- Invest in VIP (either with real money or AD. You can end up paying for itself if you sell properly.


- Find a good guild. A place where you can talk with others and socialize as well as get help from experience players. Its always good to ask for second opinions on everything. ASK QUESTIONS

- Start with your build. Find out what gear you’re going to need at start aiming for it. Hopefully you have some ad saved up and you can purchase your sets. Also they are meant as guides. Try things out and see what u like best

-Invest in Dragon hoard enchantments and wanderers fortune. They both drop refinement items upon kills. I recently just got WF and I think I waited way too long for it.

- I personally used everything I got to get to 2.5 and then started hoarding. IT PAYS TO HOARD IN THIS GAME

- once your have your gear by major reinforcement kits. You can have 8 that will add 280 item level to you.

- Get a mount with a good power. When I started I bought a mount with +2000 movement just cuz I liked the way it looked, not realizing id later purchase one with +2000 crit for my build. Dont make the same mistake

- insignias are a good way to add stats to those you need. For example I use all insignias with crit to add to my build. If you are lacking armor pent, then use armor pen...etc


-For me personally this make em break em during these times. If you wanna jump in item level, this is when its done.

-2x enchants – use all fey blessings and farm wod. You can do about 50-70 Hes in 1 hour.

-2x ad – invest in new character slots before bags. You get the stock bag plus the bank this can hold a lot. Also makes refining all the ad quicker. Stock up early and watch the millions be made.

-2x guildmarks & professions – this is where millions can be made. Use guild marks to purchase maps and farm them durings 2x professions.

-2x refinement – if you prepared properly you should be able to jump about 200-400 item level. In 3 2xrp ive participated in ive went from 2.6-3.5 it pays to hoard

2x rp

-use feeders for your artifacts. Only about 600k raw rp is needed to go to mythic with 6 feeders (there’s guides out there that show you

-plan ahead, don’t expect to jump up a lot if you didn’t save a lot or have stacks of rp.

-farm wod for resonance stones. Artifact equipment by far takes the most time to upgrade

- buy early. As soon as you see 2xrp on the calender start preparing to buy. About 2 weeks away prices will sky rocket for artifacts and other needs (also good time to make AD)

- gold, a lot of people dont value it but I do. I can pretty much buy everything for double rp (gmop, smop and wards) with gold. Plus the coffer always needs it

- i didnt make this, dont know who did, but this is a god send. Explains how to get your artifacts to mythic easily:

Play tips

- Do 2 skirmishes 2 dungeons daily

- dont burn yourself out doing dailies every day. They can stack 2-3 days so grab the quests and double up on certain days

- sharandar = thaum stones, wod = resonance, dread ring = artifact stones

- if you have an adamantine gauntlet use it every day but monday and friday as you dont have a chance at gmop or smop

- spread yourself around when playing with people. Its good to have different groups to run with, the more friends the more fun. Just dont be a dick and ignore your regular crew all the time

- COMPANIONS COMPANIONS COMPANIONS. If u are dps, invest in solid companions (that add % damage bonus to your character) and put your best gear and enchants in them. You may not boost your il but your dps will jump).

-This is a grind game, so grinding HE’s pay off in the long run

- DONT BUY KEYS. If you have desposable income then buy em, otherwise odds are you are wasting your money (trust me on this one).

- check the collections on where to find the rings you need to farm for.

- check out reddit, arc forums and facebook for help and useful tips as well. Always a good place to ask questions

- ADX – money can be made and lost on this. Take notes of the past few days prices at certain times and play it as that

- AH this is what I play. I buy items for cheap and resell. Dont forget to add in the trade house cut on your prices. It all reality it takes money to make money ( just like real life).


- Find a good guild with people who play and will help yourself

- Dont be a leech, if youre using boons (which are the best boons in the game) contribute in some way (influence, vouchers, your time)

- Attend dragonflight, guild marks and coffer food here

        -In poison we do this, if you die, release dont cause someone else to die, odds are no one will pick you up. At 10% rotate to the next dragon, DONT stay behind. Wait until all dragons are under 10% before a kill. PAY ATTENTION TO PERCENTAGES PEOPLE. Know when to buff and when not to buff if you are support and dps slow your roll if youre melting.

- be yourself and help people out. This goes a long way.

i’m sure theres a lot im missing. Ill add more as I remember. But hope these tips can help you guys out a little. they’re pretty standard but youd be surprised on how many people dont know them.