1. We know that students learn best through inquiry and their own experience.
  2. We know that being a positive role model motivates our students to learn.
  3. We challenge every student to work to his/her full potential in every lesson.
  4. We believe that preparation for lessons is helping teachers to plan effective learning experiences.
  5. We make sure that every student feels included in every lesson.
  6. We believe that differentiation is essential for maximising student results.
  7. Our lessons and activities encourage our students to work together.
  8. We help students take responsibility for their learning and their actions.
  9. We make sure our students understand our expectations.
  10. We give our students clear, timely and useful feedback.
  11. We set our students up to make connections in their learning and to think critically.
  12. We use engaging and student-centered teaching practices.
  13. We welcome the diversity of our multicultural class and love the impact it has on teaching and learning.
  14. We are ready to welcome any student, from any country, at any time during the school year.
  15. We work together with our students to create an engaging and inspiring learning environment.
  16. We ask the right questions instead of giving the right answers.