Paste final screenshot above



      Ms. McIntosh:      A -  L

Mr. Fewson:       M - Z



Ms. MacDonell: ..A  - C
Ms. Graham:       D  - O

Ms. Renzetti: ... ..P  -. Z




             ^      Cell   1                   |          ^       Cell  2                     |

- Guidance Notes -

The above table is reproduced in the student services link on the school website.  

To update the information, make changes to the table as needed. You can use styles and colour as required.

Once done do a screenshot, crop appropriately and replace the TOP picture.  When cropping do not leave any space at top or left.

The information above will take a few minutes to appear on the website.  Ensure you see the output you want on the school website, as sometime the page here does not translate exactly as expected.  Some trial and error may be warranted.