Daily Announcements – May 21, 2018

This Week Activities:


Monday                       Region 6B Golf Tournament @ Hart Ranch, 9:30




Wednesday                 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

Early Release, 12:00        

Elementary Awards, 9:00

                                    Kindergarten Graduation, 10:00

Staff Appreciation Supper @ Golf Course, Social Hour-5:00/Dinner-6:00                     


Thursday                     Teacher In-service                           


Friday                       State Track and Field @ Rapid City         


Saturday                      State Track and Field @ Rapid City



Lunch/Breakfast Menu


Lunch for May 21, 2018:                     Corn Dog, Sweet Potato Fries, Lettuce Salad, Orange

Breakfast for May 22, 2018:               Omelet, Toast, Apple

Lunch for May 22, 2018:                    Taco Salad, Refried Beans/Black Beans, Bread Stick, Apple

***Breakfast served with fruit daily along with choice of 100% juice or 1% white milk.

*** Lunch served with fruit and vegetable daily along with a choice of 1% white milk or skim chocolate milk.


Sports Announcements:

·        Both 6-8th grade and 9-11th grade will have a mandatory all sports meeting during lunch today.


·        All track athletes need to in their uniforms to Mrs. Kier before they can check out for track.    Enoch, Alex, Malcom, Karlee, Zach


·        Track:

Congratulations both Girls and Boys Track Squads for winning the Region titles.  This has never been done…you made school history!

Girls  165.5 pts.          Boys 139  pts.


·        Track:

Results from Region 7B


Pole Vault   2nd Abby M (state/PR)  6th Karlie D.

TJ  1st  Kassidy S (state) 4th Lillyanna  5th  Cooper Jo

LJ  2nd  Ava (state)  6th  Abby M  7th  Samantha D.

HJ  3rd  Jaicee W.   7th Regan S.   8th  Charlie H.

Discus  1st  Kyla S.  3rd  Cooper M.  5th  Mercede H.

Shot  1st  Kyla S.  (meet record)  2nd  Cooper M.  4th  Mercede H.

3200  4th  Keaunna PB

1600  2nd  Keaunna PB  (state)

800  7th  Karlie D.,  8th  Abbi C.,  9th  Charlie H.

400  3rd  Jaicee W.  13th  Abbi C.,  14th  Karlie D.

200  7th  Ava D.  20th  Regan S.

100  4th  Kyla S.  18th  Cooper M.  23rd  Abbianna W.

Medley  3rd  Sam, Searra, Jaicee, Keaunna

4x800  3rd  Regan, Abbi C., Abby M., Keaunna

4x400  4th  Searra, Abbi, Abby, Regan

4x200  2nd  (state)  Sam, Jaicee, Searra, Ava

4x100  1st  (state)  Sam, Ava, Searra, Kyla


TJ  1st Tack T. (state)

LJ  2nd  Jacob B. (state)  15th  Enoch C.  16th  Aaron M.

HJ  2nd  Jacob B. (state)  3rd  Bradan M.  (state)

Discus  13th  Raiden C.

Shot  13th   Kole G.  17th Raiden C.

800  8th  Kole G., 9th  Blair B.,  11th  Aaron M

400  1st Cash W. (state)  4th  James S.  7th  Zack H.

200  1st  Tack T. (state)  3rd Andrew L.  4th James S.

100  3rd  Cooper C.  10th  Zach H.  17th  Aaron

300 Hurdles  1st  Andrew L (state)  4th  Blair B.  13th  Cedar A.

110 Hurdles  1st  Andrew L (state)  6th  Blair B.  7th  Cedar A.

Medley  1st  Cooper, Tack, Bradan, Cash

4x800  5th  Enoch C., Kole G., Cedar A.  Blair B.

4x400  2nd  James S., Jacob B. Bradan M.  Cash W

4x200 2nd   Cooper M  Jacob B. James S  Andrew L

4x100  Cooper M.  Cash W.  Bradan M  Tack T


·        State Bound:  May 25th and 26th   School of Mines, Rapid City


Kassidy S.  TJ

Ava D.  LJ

Abby M  Pole Vault

Keaunna PB  1600

Kyla S. Shot and Discus

Cooper M.  Shot and Discus

4x100  Samantha D., Searra-Sioux D., Ava D., Kyla S.

4x200  Samantha D., Jaicee W., Searra D. Ava D.

Alternate:  Regan S.

·        Boys:

Tack T.  200, TJ

Cash W. 400

Andrew L. 100 Hurdles, 300 Hurdles

Bradan M.  HJ

Jacob B.  HJ, LJ

4x100  Cooper C., Cash W., Bradan M., Tack T.

4x200  Cooper C., James S., Jacob B., Andrew L.

4x400  James S., Jacob B., Bradan M., Cash W.

Medley  Cooper C., Tack T., Bradan M. Cash W.

Alternate:  Blair B.


·        There was a great showing of ALL the Wall Junior High students at the South Dakota’s State Finals Rodeo this past weekend.


Sierra Hilgenkamp won 3rd place in South Dakota’s Jr High State Finals in Breakaway Roping and ended up 4th place on the national team going to Huron.


T Merrill won 3rd place in the Short go round in Goat Tying and 2nd place in the short go round in Breakaway Roping. T was South Dakota’s Jr High State Champion Girls Breakaway Roper and won year end points putting her #1 on the National team going to Huron, SD last week in June.



Piper Cordes won 2nd place in Pole bending on the National Team & 4th place in Barrel Racing on the National Team going to Huron.


Kipp Cordes won 4th place on the National Team in Team Roping and 3rd place in the Goat Tying on the National Team going to Huron.


Matthew Heathershaw won 2nd place at State Finals in Tie Down Calf Roping and won year end points to put him #1 on the National Team going to Huron.


Malcom Heathershaw tied for South Datoka’s Junior High State Champion Steer Saddle Bronc Rider and won year end points to put him #1 on the National Team going to Nationals. He also won 4th place at State Finals in Chute Dogging and won 4th place on National Team.


Jayda Reinert won 8th place in the State Finals in Barrel Racing.


Special mention of the following other Wall Junior High Rodeo members Quinn Moon, Carter Fortune, Stran Williams, Kellyn Shearer & Jonnie Jo Anders (State-Short Go Qualifier). The effort & grit these students put forth was tremendous!  

                GREAT JOB KIDS!


Student Announcements


·       There are A LOT of books overdue in the library. Remember, you will not be able to check out until you have everything returned.  The following students have books that need to be returned:

Bridger Amiotte, Cedar Amiotte, Rhianna Anderson, Jaxon Arnio, Rivers Arnio, Jace Blasius, Brody Bryan, Hadley Bryan, Sutton Cordes, Enoch Cuny, Taylee Dartt, Tyson Dartt, Sadie Davis, Samantha Deutscher, Libby Deidrichs, Alysah Dodd, Aundrea Dodd, Camri Elshere, Rhyden Frink, Hallie Handcock, Riley Hayes, Dayton Hertel, Taylor High Horse, Zachary Hout, Dylan Huether, Katy Humphrey, Khloe Kitterman, Karley Kjerstad, Cash Lange, Tuff Lange, Nathan Lange, Jayden Leach, Cooper McConaghy, Cooper McLaughlin, Jace Mohr, Jett Mohr, Aaron Moschell, Paisley Pyle, Louis Rancour, Kellyn Rausch, Gavin Sandal, Wynn Schaack, James Schanaman, Bristol Schultz, Athena Simons, Deyton Skillingstad, Dillon Sommerstedt, Ashlynn Swenson, Morgan Zelfer


·       If you were unable to attend the awards, please stop in and pick up your awards.  Thank You.


·       Yearbooks available for purchase: 2016-2017, 2015-2016, 2014-2015, 2013-2014! Limited copies so first come first serve! Contact Heather Schreiber.


·       The WSD District is seeking the following positions.  Please let administration know if you are interested.

1)        MS FB Coach

2)        HS Assistant Gymnastics Coach  

3)        HS Head Gymnastics Coach

4)        Junior Class Advisor        

5)        MS Wrestling Coach


·       Jacob Dodd and Brennan Dodd need to pay Mrs. Kier for their track shirts.


·       The following students need to take care of charges with Ms. Wilson for shirts: Charlie, Tack, Laeton, Raiden                       



Elem- Talon Anderson, Gatlin Cordes, LJ Creviston, Allie Kjerstad, Weston Koedam, Macee Paullsen

Middle School- Golf

High School- Golf, Cash Wilson


Caring Message:  “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A Edison