From Office of Comms to Admissions


[COLLEGE NAME] launches Merit [Benefits for Admissions]



[COLLEGE NAME] has joined hundreds of institutions in the US using [Hyperlink the word “Merit” to your institution’s Merit page] to recognize students and connect stories of success and achievement to our institution’s key stakeholders.

Merit turns our students’ experiences into personalized stories that are delivered directly to their high school guidance counselor and principal. These notifications feature our institution's brand and message and showcases our college’s distinctive programs to high school influencers through the lens of our current students they know.  

Every high school in the country has access to a free Merit account that gives them simple tools to view alumni and follow their accomplishments at Merit colleges. Each week, Merit emails a digest to high schools all across the country featuring recent updates about their alumni, including updates about our students!

This frequent contact with high schools is a big deal — and your team should know that the work we're doing with Merit is actively reaching some of your most important influencers of college-bound students. By using Merit we are ensuring that our programs and experiential learning opportunities stay top-of-mind with no additional effort -- it happens every time we publish a story about our students.

We want to continue to support admissions initiatives around recruitment. If you would like to discuss achievements that support your strategy or learn information about how to inform high schools about their free Merit account please contact [MERIT POINT PERSON NAME AND PHONE].