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Issue 6  · Spring 2017


Tenth anniversary of Gorenje Valjevo

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Our C1.a English class at Lingva Valjevo

Attending a Business English Course at  “LINGVA” Valjevo

-- by Ivana Urošević, employee of Gorenje Valjevo

I have been attending English courses at Lingva for about four years. Now, I am attending a C1.a level course. Our teacher is trying to convey knowledge in the best possible way and she is always open for clarifications. However, on this level we have to pay more attention and also to work hard at home in order to achieve better results, which is a little difficult because of a lot obligations at work and in private life.

I would like to have more practice in using tenses and  adverbs so that I can easily remember when I have to use the correct tense. With me on this level in the class are my colleagues from different departments: Saša from the  Purchasing, Jelena from the Finance and Nataša from the Shipping department. They are very nice and interesting classmates and also trusted colleagues and caring persons.


Ski Paths on  Divčibare

--by Nataša Isajlović

The Black Top ski path was  officially opened on 5  January. It is 850 m long. After the international ski slope rating  it is marked as “red”. Its two-seat ski lift has a  capacity of 1200 skiers per hour. A half-day ski pass costs 600-800 RSD,while a daily ski pass is 800-1300 RSD. On Divčibare there is also in use another ski path in the vicinity of the

“Pepa” hotel. A daily  ski  pass on  this  path  costs  900 RSD. The price of daily tickets for the ski lift on the small ski paths near the “Heba” and the “Maljen” hotels, which should soon start with work, will be 300 RSD.

The new ski path will have great significance for the development of tourism. Much more people will now come to visit Divčibare. Citizens of Valjevo have the advantage since Divčibare is less than 40 km away from their city.

I used to ski when I was little, and for me this is a good opportunity to remind myself and try skiing again.

Fire on Greek Island Thassos

-by Nataša Isajlović

For the last two days there has been a fire in the woods of the Greek Island of  Thassos. The authorities of Greece are  doing their best to put it  under control.

120 firemen, numerous volunteers and 80 fire engines as well as the aircraft  and helicopters are being involved in  firefighting. The Island has been declared to be in  a state of emergency.

Several mountain villages have been evacuated. No one has been injured or killed. The fire has completely destroyed hundreds of hectares of olive groves as well as hundreds of beehives and a large forest area. It has caused extensive damage in the center of the island.

Thassos is one of the most beautiful Island I have ever visited. It has great beaches and is a very relaxing place. The picture of this island that I have in my head is much better.


A perfect place for your holiday 

           Vrujci Spa

             --by Ivana Urošević

A large fountain with healing water at Vrujci Spa

It takes slightly more than one hour drive to escape the tumult of Belgrade and reach the tranquility of the sparkling oasis of Vrujci amid the verdant rolling hills of Valjevska Podgorina, in the valley of the Toplica River, not far from air spas Divčibare and Rajac, midway along the road from Ljig to Mionica . 


I went to Vrujci spa when I was a little girl, when my mother took me and my sister and brother to the swimming pool. It was very interesting and a lot of fun; we were very restless and could not wait to see and try every water slide at the pool. We wanted to be in the water the whole day and to play with other children, but it wasn’t possible. We didn’t go there so often during summer, but whenever we did it was very exciting and nice.


The natives of Vrujci spa are very friendly, but there are not so many. There are mostly tourists attracted by the spa during the whole year, especially during summer days. At the beginning, the spa had three swimming pools within the first hotel only, but during years of increasing tourist traffic there were built three more swimming pools , privately owned and named “The First New Spa”, which are very clean and provide services like traditional and hydro massage, healing with medical mud, etc. Within hotels, there are tennis and basketball courts, a football playground and an indoor swimming pool, where very frequent visitors are sport teams who come there for training.  Very often, people come and ask for water from a large fountain located in the center of the spa, which is very healing.


During the last few years, I have not been going there very often because of my work commitments, although I have wanted to because it is always worth visiting. The spa management should make every effort to complete its offer by organizing more excursions and tours of nearby attractions in the immediate surroundings - Struganik, Ravna Gora, Ribnicka pecina (Ribnica Cave), monasteries of Lelic and Celije, and the mountains Divcibare and Rajac in order to attract more tourists and enrich its tourist offer.


Lingva Centre for Foreign Languages

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