A Taste of America - Research Day

Choose a State from the list below:

Georgia                                        South Carolina

North Carolina                                Virginia  

Tennessee                                Arkansas

Louisiana                                 Maine

Texas                                        Massachusetts                                        

New Mexico                                Wisconsin

Arizona                                        Pennsylvania

Colorado                                Minnesota

Hawaii                                        Ohio

Alaska                                         Kansas

California                                Missouri

Washington                                 Oregon


Find the following information online & write it on your own paper (please number  


        1. Map outline of state - do a rough sketch on your paper, but be accurate (you will need    

                this for your project. You may find and print a blank outline if you will need to trace).

        2. Star the capital city on your map sketch and write down the name of the capital  

        3. State motto or ‘nick-name’

        4. Name and description of at least two foods that the area is known for - be specific and detailed.            

How do the residents of that state make the dish? (Here I am looking for dishes or recipes, not ingredients. For example, Key Lime Pie, not key limes.)

 5. Recipe of one well-known food item (authentic recipe, written out in entirety - probably one of the items you used in step 4)

        6. List of 3 crops or food items (may be a meat source, cheese, beverage, etc) grown or produced in                        

    that state                      

        7. List of 3 popular tourist attractions in the state (national park, famous landmark,    

                etc). Write out name and a brief description of each attraction.

Show your notes to Mrs. Crumbliss for approval.

Take a sheet of the large, white paper and begin outlining your poster. You should have your state name written in large, clear letters, your state nick name and an outline of the map of your state. Draw a star on the capital city and label the capital. Leave room to fill in additional information on Friday.