How to create a Thinglink

1- First register with ThingLink. You can use the basic account which is free for personal use. Once logged in click on "create"

2- There are four ways to upload an image to your ThingLink account: you can upload one from your hard-drive, import it from Facebook, use a public Flickr image, or use one hosted online.

Keep in mind  that the maximum image size is 25MB. And if you are planning to add lots of text to it, make sure you use PNG instead of JPEG images.

3- When your image is uploaded  click on " click to add a tag" to start adding content to your image.

4- The content you can add to your image can be links to websites, videos, music, photos and text. To add more content just click anywhere on the image and a pop-up window will appear where you can add in your content.

5- Once your interactive image is ready you can then share it in different ways : via social media outlets, through email, as a direct link or embed HTML code.