Richard Charnin

July 24, 2015

Wisconsin Blog Posts

2010 Senate: Feingold won the True Vote

2014 Governor: Cumulative Ward Voting Indicates Fraud

2014 Governor True Vote/Exit Poll Analysis Indicates Fraud

Four Wisconsin Elections: A Pattern of County Unit/Ward Vote Share Anomalies

2011 Supreme Court

Recount, Historical True and Recorded Vote Analysis

True Vote Analysis

2011 State Recalls

Can the GOP win the Aug.16 Democratic Recalls?

Election Projections,,,

Will the Wisconsin Democratic Recall Elections Be Stolen? A True Vote Analysis...

An Exit Poll, Recorded and True Vote Comparison

Citizen Exit Polls and the True Vote Model

Nine Recalls: A True Vote Analysis

Did the GOP Steal the Wisconsin Recall Elections? A True Vote Analysis….

Walker Recall

Is the Past Prologue?

County Cumulative Vote Shares by Increasing Unit/Ward Size

True Vote Database Model: County, Municipal and Unit Ward

True Vote Model: Implausible Vote Shares required to Match the Recorded Vote

The Exit Pollster’s MO Never Changes

The Adjusted Final Exit Poll Was Forced to Match an Unlikely Recorded Vote

True Vote Model Analysis

Walker Recall True Vote Spreadsheet Model

A correlation analysis of voting machines

Winnebago Cty: Probability of Vote Discrepancies: Optical Scanners & Touch Screens

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