About me - Writing

Walt: be cybersmart

Walt: write sentences with different beginnings



Welcome your audience

Hello, Kia ora, Talofa... 

 kia ora

Who are you?

First Name/ Year/ Teachers

 My name is isaiah i am a year 5 who goes to pt england school and i have three great teachers miss Buchanan and miss timmy and miss west


I enjoy..., I like..., My favourite...

On the weekend  i enjoy playing  with my three puppy we name them zoe joe and leo

Sports/ Hobbies

I play..., On the weekend...,

And my favorite sport is basketball and soccer


Anything else?

And my favorite food is pizza and donuts

Check your ideas. Are they ok to share with EVERYONE in the world?

Final copy for blog

Write here: kia ora my name is isaiah i am a year 5 hoe go to pt england school and i have  three great teachers miss buchanan and miss west and miss timmy on the weekend i play with my three little  puppy and  we name them zoe joe and leo joe is 4 and zoe 3 and  leo is 2


  • I have welcomed my audience and the blurb represents me!
  • This can be shared with everyone in the world (cybersmart).
  • It is unique (different from my classmates’ blurbs).
  • It is short and sharp.
  • I have started sentences in different ways.
  • I have used full stops, capital letters, commas, etc.
  • I have had a buddy read over it.
  • I am ready to have it checked before it goes onto my blog!