First Day:

-- Play around with 123D Design

-- Build a successful 1-bump lego using the dimensions (from this website) below:

  1. Units: MM
  2. Construct  rectangular prism w= 7.8 l=7.8 h=9.6
  3. Construct cylinder with a suggested diameter of 4.8  and a height of 1.7
  1. Put cylinder on top of rectangular prism, center it
  2. You can “group” the prism and cylinder together if you’d like
  1. Construct rectangle with length of 5.3 and width of 5.3mm and center it on the bottom of the figure. Extrude 5mm
  2. Save your project
  3. Find Volume and Surface Area of your brick
  4. Add your initials to the brick 5mm (Extrude .9 mm)

-- Extension: Make a 2x2 brick, a 2x3 brick, and/or a brick that doesn’t exist.

-- To download in order to print your LEGO piece:

1. Click on ‘AUTODESK 123D DESIGN’

Choose Export to 3D

Click .STL

Choose Fine and Combine Objects

Click Ok