DEATH - everyone dies but you

- Was ist das?

- Was?

- Tod.

- Was tot ist? Was ist das für eine Frage?”

                        From the film ”Das weiße Band - Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte” by Michael Haneke


The four women in the award-winning dancers’ collective Fanclub take matters in their own hands when inviting artists, they find fascinating into various collaborations. Together with the two highly topical and progressive choreographers Kim Hiorthøy (NO/SE) and Itamar Serussi (IL/NL), Fanclub presents the double bill DEATH. With two widely different approaches to dance, and with death as a common theme, two distinctive choreographic landscapes unfold. One shaped as a musical about everyday life with its triviality and repetitions. The second presents four women’s fate on the crossover, moving towards the ungraspable.

Premiere at Lille Carl, Dansehallerne in Copenhagen 23 April at 8pm


Death as a confirmation of life. One thing we know for sure, is that we are all going to die, but we know nothing about what happens after death, so why waste energy on it? Kim Hiorthøy uses death to confirm the fact that we are living. Our minds select and sort memories of experiences and relationships, not to mention all the objects that fill our everyday lives. Hiorthøy is attracted to the performative, free frames of contemporary choreography and combines dance, song and music as unpretentious theatrical tools to show us the beauty and humour of life. By composing the music for the show himself, his universe of intelligent and subtle observations about humanity becomes complete.


Between life and death. The intensity is high, when Itamar Serussi conjures an emotionally charged atmosphere as in a film noir. A fragmented universe where four women dressed in black are witnessed in a bodily momentum between the last moments of life and the journey towards the unknown. With his intuitive approach to composition and an imaginary, sensational world, Serussi explores each dancers personality and highlights Fanclub specific group dynamics. The Dutch composer Richard van Kruysdijk stand behind the music for the performance, creating moments of uncomfortable dissonance, rocking peace and devotion. Kruysdijk has worked with Serussi for many years, and holds an important role in the artistic whole.


Idols at eye level. Fanclub is a dancers’ collective that produce, curate, co-create and perform in their own works. They invite artists they find fascinating to various collaborations, and it is here the essence and strength of their work is to be found - in the artistic challenges and unique synergy that occurs in the mutual sharing of practice and process. Their ambition is to create performing arts that they want to experience, that inspires and moves the contemporary dance scene. By inviting such diverse choreographers as Kim Hiorthøy and Itamar Serussi, Fanclub wishes to enrich and expand the notion of what contemporary choreography can and is today.



Approximately 1.5 hours including intermission.


Performance dates

23-26 April at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen

28-29 April at Dansstationen, Malmö

7-8 May at MDT, Stockholm

10 May at Nordens Hus, Thórshavn

21-22 May at Bora Bora, Aarhus

29-30 May at Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavik

23 July at Full Moon Festival, Pyhäjärvi


After the premiere in Dansehallerne, DEATH  embarks on a Nordic Tour. The tour is sponsored by the Nordic Culture Fund and Fanclub has invited the dramaturge and performance artist Ida-Elisabeth Larsen to arrange moderated audience talks and interview relevant cultural personalities in each city visited. By the end of the tour this will feed into a series of articles called Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity – Nordic versions.

Fanclub is based in Copenhagen and consists of Andrea Deres, Carolina Bäckman, Ellesiv V. Selseng and Sofia Karlsson. In 2012 they received the Danish Nation Arts Foundation grant for their previous performance GONE HOME, which also won "Best Stage Act" at the Stockholm Fringe Festival 2013. Read more at

Kim Hiorthøy is a Norwegian multi-talented artist, who moves freely between graphic design, music, writing, film and choreography. With his bold approach to art, humour and sense of detail, he has gained worldwide attention and recognition.

Itamar Serussi is an Israeli choreographer based in the Netherlands. With his strong dancers background from e.g. Batsheva Dance Company, Itamar has developed a complex and imaginative choreographic language that has taken both the Dutch and European dance scene by storm.


Set and costume design: Nathalie Mellbye

Lighting design: Mårten Axelsson

Graphic design: Jacob Jensen Grønbech


DEATH is a co-production with Dansstationen in Malmö and is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, the Nordic Cultural Fund, the City of Copenhagen and the Danish National bank's Anniversary Foundation


For more information, please contact:

Gunnvá Nolsøe +45 26812217