#177 - Into the Nexus: “Hail to the Warchief”

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“Armor caps at +75 and -25 as a baseline, but some Hero’s talents can change this.”

I was doing some QM with a couple of friends and I got this interesting tip. What do they mean talents can change the caps? Is it just confusing wording? Does it hint at a new hero? The only way I can interpret it is that, for example, Divine Shield gives 100 Armor and unstoppable; Aegis gives 100 Armor and roots you, etc. Any wisdom you can bestow would be much appreciated!


Suppose you're in draft and you see the enemy team pick into double supporting a single carry; for example, Tassadar + Auriel + some heavy dps like Valla or Greymane. You still have one or two spots left in your draft to try to counter this. What do you pick? What if you only have 1 pick and it's the support?

Silences, Protected and Removal CC: Depends on when you want to power spike for the comp and map..


I am getting back into Heros after a 2 year hiatus. I have been playing quick match and mainly trying to find which heros I enjoy/mesh with. After almost two months back I have found my niche ranged assassins.

I met the hero league requirements so thought I would hop in solo Q and try it out. First game I played  Greymane, we won, life is good. Second game I am last pick and forced to fill with a "melee" based on my teams chat. Now I am not as good on melee, but I wanted to keep good vibes on the team. I picked one of the few melee I have past lvl 5 that wasn't a tank, Kerrigan. After I lock in I get flamed that she is a tier 3 hero, I’m so dumb, stuff like that. Whatever, best foot forward, let’s have a good game. I should also note our draft started with our team first pick being Tyrande and the guy saying he’s not healing anyone else but himself, we'll still need a support. The game goes south fairly quickly and the other teams Illidan is crushing our team, I don't feel like I was doing well on Kerigan either.

Bottom line is, I understand I can't always play my specialty role/Heros and will need to fill from time to time. How many other heroes should I have that I am serviceable at that arent my mains? Like 2 or 3 of each type? Being serviceable at 9 or 12 heros while still maining a few seems a bit daunting.


Hi Kyle, Garrrretttt! (did I nail that?)

My two most-played heroes are:

1) the lovable, cuddly and playful marvel that is Stitches the abomination, hooker extraordinaire


2) the just, heroic and righteous Sir Uther the Lightbringer, paladin of the Knights of the Silver Hand

Both have been in-and-out of the meta a fair bit over the years, mostly thanks to slam, health or mana regen, or AoE stun builds.

However, it's been very rare that both were top picks. Something which is CURRENTLY the case!

So I'd like to use this email to send a message to anyone and everyone that plays ranked, and prioritizes picking MY HEROES, Stitches and Uther:


That's is all.

Stay awesome,

- Dirk

ps: are you guys happy with the current meta? Does it affect you guys at all, and the heroes you play often?


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