Primos the god- Movement is 200mm, Close fighting is 2d², Ranged fighting is d³ + 4

Plustorians - Movement is 180mm, Close fighting is 3d + 10, Ranged fighting is 3d +10

Sumosian Elephants - Movement is 12.5cm, close fighting is d² + 12, Ranged fighting is 2d +15

Productas the warrior - Movement is 17.5cm, Close fighting is d³ + 4, Ranged fighting is 2d²

Nil the wizard - Movement is 15.5cm, Close fighting is 7d - 2, Ranged fighting is (d³ - d²) + 5

Divisia the enchantress - Movement is 220mm, Close fighting is 5d + 3, Ranged fighting is 2d³ - d²

General rules


  1. One ruler/tape measure/ measuring device (at least 30 cms long).
  2. 4 Plustorians / 4 Sumosian elephants / 8 special characters (two of each type).
  3. One six-sided dice.
  4. Copy of rules


  1. Each player starts with 2 plustorians, 2 Sumasian elephants and 2 characters from Primos, Nil, Divisia and Productas (players choose two of the four special characters - they can decide between themselves)
  2. Players choose a side of the table and place their six characters anywhere along that table edge.
  3. Players decide who goes first.
  4. Players take turns to play. Only five turns are allowed for each player before the game ends.
  5. The player with the most characters left at the end is the winner.

Each turn

  1. Each turn the players move all the characters anywhere up to the maximum movement allowed e.g. Primos can move anywhere up to 200mm in any direction (not off the table though)
  2. Players then use ranged attacks if they are in range (Ranged attacks can be no longer than 275mm away and no shorter than 35mm away). All ranged battles must be done at the same time. The character that loses must be removed from the table.
  3. Players then use close fighting attacks. In close fighting attacks the player’s character must be touching the other player’s character. Players then use the same rules as ranged attacks to work out which character wins or loses.


  1. During fighting, players look at either their close fighting battle Bidmas formula or their ranged battle Bidmas formula. Players then roll a dice and the number on the dice replaces the letter d (for example 3d + 10 for a plustorian ranged attack  - I roll a 4 on the dice which means I replace the d with a 4. This means I score 3 x 4 +10 = 22. The loser removes their character from the table.

The Plustorian vs Plustorian and Sumosian vs Sumosian randomiser

Each player roll a die to see which formula you get

3d + 8

d² + d

d³ - 4d

d + d + 2d + 3

16 + d

20 - d