Google Documents

Microsoft Word



-Sharing and Collaboration with ease

-Publish to the Web

-Mobile Functionality


-Can insert image directly from web

-Simplified autocorrect (right click to find replacement, can do “Always correct to…”)

-Dictionary tied to web


-No need to update versions

-Embed live documents into sites.

-Export to PDF

-Control sharing and edit abilities

-Formatting with Ease

-Bibliography/Citation Manager

-Track Changes/Comments is nicer

-More fonts

-More Formatting and Column and Layout Options

-Preset templates (address labels, pamphlets, calendars, etc.)

-Mail Merge



-Limited Offline Functionality

-Table Formatting

-Size limits (i.e. Photos)

-Less Fonts

-Not always true to print (WYSIWYG)

-Not as intuitive for some feature

-No Columns



-Windows clutter (rather than tabs)

-Oh no, I forgot to save and it crashed and now I have to start over and gfhlkgdhsljkdghjklsahgjklsangasfkjgvjlknh

-Corrupt files

-.doc vs .docx