HDSLR Filmmaking for Beginners: Basic Filmmaking Concepts

By cinevate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSMB0VSs_YI  (16:03)

This live, online webinar series is dedicated to teaching photographers the skills they need to turn their existing photographic knowledge into filmmaking prowess with their HDSLRs. This webinar will deal with understanding basic filmmaking concepts such as establishing shots and the 180-degree rule. For photographers transitioning into video, this must-see webinar will provide a basic understanding of what to look for as you journey down the path of becoming a filmmaker.

Written Activity

Take notes either on paper or on a computer as you watch this informative webinar. You should end up with 8 filmmaking concepts and their definitions. I recommend pausing the video and writing down each concept rather than trying to remember everything. Then you will need to type up the results and turn them into your instructor. Be prepared to discuss all of the concepts in class and start applying them in your filmmaking.


  1. The Establishing Shot
  2. The Eyeline Match
  3. The 180-degree Rule
  4. The 30-degree Rule
  5. The Cross-cut
  6. The Insert
  7. The Cut-away
  8. The L-cut