Science is simply the word we use                    to describe a method of organizing   our curiosity.

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The object of education is ….                                  

to prepare the young   to educate themselves throughout their lives.                      

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STEM Certificate Overview

This program, offered exclusively at Piner High, school is to publically recognize students who go above and beyond in their extracurricular exploration of Science Technology Engineering Art and Math

Although there are 3 levels of the STEM certificate, there is no particular order in which the levels need to be completed, and students can be awarded levels multiple times ! In order to get the STEM Prospect Award as a must have completed Level 1 ( all 4 years) Level 2 ( two separate projects) and one Level 3 experience.

Here are the 3 levels with recommended grades:

Level I

 2 for each  year @PHS

Level 2

2 projects grade 9 - 12

Level 3

1 project grade 11-12

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     Certificate Program

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Your STEM incentive will take you places….

From Piner High to Infinity

 and beyond….

         STEM College and Career Resources:

         2015 Ranking of college programs for STEM jobs:


      Degrees Awarded:

          Very thorough website regarding careers and  

          reasoning for STEM education.


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School of Science & Technology ( SST)

STEM Majors





Computer Science    

Engineering Science


Kinesiology                                   Dr. Roberts taking biometric

Math & Statistics                          during SSU Showcase


Physics & Astronomy 

Santa Rosa Junior College

STEM opportunities


Applied Technology


Life Sciences

Earth & Space Sciences

Chemistry and Physics  



                              Advantages of the STEM Certificate

This is a unique designation exclusively for Piner High students. That in itself will provide academic fodder for scholarship and advanced opportunities that set STEM students apart from the rest on paper !

Tangible acknowledgements for this STEM endeavor are as follows:

  • Transcript recognition with STEM embossment

  • Public presentation of award commensurate with level of achievement ( Level 1, 2 or 3: or any combination of) at STEM symposium in May

  • Inclusion in Sonoma State STEM events:
  • Fall Kick off on Piner campus
  • School of Science & Technology(SST) campus tour

  • STEM Advisory Panel group Letter of Recommendation
  • Level 1 & 2 PHS teacher exclusive        
  • Level 3- Inclusive of STEM panel professionals

  • Early Admission Review to Sonoma State University
  • STEM portfolio may qualify as impaction criteria
  • All CSU prerequisites must be met as well

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                            Students engaged in Stem Cell-a-bration    

STEM Certificate Sponsors

These agencies might be able to assist with your level 2 or 3 project and they respond best to students who show initiative and here’s how to get started…

  1. Research the websites to see what projects are being done- learn about them and decide where your interests align

  1. Determine how you can get involved- volunteer, facility tour, on site classes….Show initiative !  Talk to your science teacher.

  1. Discuss prospective sites with Teacher advisor or STEM coordinator to formalize your initial contact

  1. Continue to explore the literature and website- foster your curiousity!


Environmental Field Studies-

S4 Rockets...see Mr. Kruger !

Research Awards at SSU-

waters collaborative.jpg

Waters Collaborative- Many water quality and watershed projects


STEM Certificate Level I

Level 1:  Ongoing Personal Involvement 

2 events from this level EACH year


Students earning the PHS STEM Certificate must demonstrate a consistent commitment to STEM activities on campus.  A wide variety of opportunities for ongoing involvement in STEM activities exists at Piner.  Numerous science and engineering related clubs meet regularly on campus and host frequent fun and educational events for students.  In addition, a number of regular events are sponsored by the PHS Science Department that allow PHS students to interact with professional scientists and give opportunities to learn more about STEM careers through guest speakers and field trips.  Consistent participation in clubs and these STEM events will provide students with valuable learning experiences and will significantly shape their academic future.

***  EdModo STEM code: he6qga….complete progress log

turn that into science teacher and you are ready !!


Level 3:  Original Science or Engineering Inquiry Project


Students completing the PHS STEM Certificate will demonstrate the ability to design and carry out an original, independent project.  This project will allow students to experience science and engineering practices first hand.  Students will design an original scientific study or engineering project while working closely with adult mentors on campus and/or in the community.  Emphasis should be placed on addressing real-world problems.  Students will present the results of their work publicly, demonstrating a deep understanding of scientific and/or design processes.   Required for the STEM symposium are a 10 minute presentation with slides/graphics reviewing project and its findings  to be presented to the STEM advisory panel as well as an official poster of results to be displayed and casually presented to public. Written work for STEM portfolio can be reformatted poster pages.


STEM Certificate Level 2

Level 2:  Community Involvement

Many STEM careers include a strong community service component.  Students completing the PHS STEM Certificate must demonstrate a strong commitment to interacting with and serving our local community.  This involves two components: community service and interfacing with local professionals in a professional setting.  Working with local elementary or middle school students and job shadowing are examples of the opportunities that exist at Piner.  It is crucial that students completing the STEM Certificate are aware of the importance of community service and that they gain significant experience working alongside professionals in our local community. Project hours will vary but no less than 10 hours are required. Students must write up their experience with a STEM focus and submit documents to their STEM portfolio. If a student completes 25 hours, they can apply for SRJC Community Involvement


                STEM Course Requirements

     6 classes are required of all STEM students as part

      of the requirements for STEM certification on your

       transcript. As our STEM venue expands, we will

        accept classes that meet the criteria:


      How to get started….…

     Sign up on Ed Modo: he6qga, complete the progress

     log, make a copy to give to your science teacher

  •      Contact STEM coordinator



      BML logo.jpg

      Bodgea Marine Laboratories- Ocean research in our own backyard


    Pepperwood pages

      Volunteer opps

      Pepperwood events for this fall

      Research projects happening on/with the Preserve

     Find potential projects & mentors at..

       North Bay Discovery Day at the Fairgrounds

       October 29th….Piner always has a STEM booth !!



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         Diving Reflex tested at Marine                    Dr. Sokmen (SSU)  shows  

               Mammal STEM cafe                             VO2 max  test at Kinesiology Lab





         Sign up using EdModo STEM code: he6qga